Tuesday, August 6, 2013



Unfortunately there has been some issues that we have been looking into and preparing to make changes to the web site.

As of today we would like to ask our readers for patience while we try to rid the site of spammers and spoofers.  Please be very careful with any of our links.  It would be best habit for the next month or two, to copy and paste any link into your search engine of choice and then go to the link through the search site.  Unfortunately this is why we havent been posting photos within our pages.

Here is what we will be covering soon.

  • Tenerife project may be closer to an actual project.
  • Desert Xpress / Xpress West project federal funds halted.
  • PRIMM, Nv. Solar project nearing start-up.
  • ARTIC project status.
For additional maglev information please search for the magnetbahn forum.de site that has more information as well on any maglev project.

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