Friday, February 14, 2014

San Bernardino County E-220 page updated with Meeting minutes Jan 2014


If you are following the E-220 (High Desert Corridor) movement, then you will want to check the webpages as they have been updated with various minutes notes from the last meeting in January 2014.

Scroll down to meeting materials Item 3 (big discussion about Express West) in the meeting notes.

Scroll down further to to meeting materials Item 7 (Letter to CAHSR about the PTC) Palmdale Transportation Center.  (Hosting CAHSR, XpressWest, Metrolink, etc)

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CalTrans hosting Live High Desert Corridor (E-220) Webinar Feb 26

All,CalTrans has posted that they will be hosting a Live High Desert Corridor (E-220) webinar on Feb, 26 @ 19:00 (pst).

The HDC (E-220) study is currently considering an approximately 63-mile long, east-west multipurpose transportation corridor, between State Route 14 in Los Angeles County and State Route 18 in San Bernardino County. The HDC could include the following: freeway/expressway, toll lanes and/or a high-speed rail connection, green energy production and transmission and a bikeway. The proposed project aims to improve mobility and access for people and goods in the Antelope, Victor Valley areas of Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties.

Keeping in mind that Palmdale is preparing itself for is the "PALMDALE TRANSPORTATION CENTER" one station to receive CAHSR, XpressWest, Metrolink, etc...

Heres the link to the Webinar where participants will be able to ask questions live.

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