Tuesday, October 15, 2013

CAL-TRANS updates E-220 High Desert Corridor Page


It appears that Cal-Trans has quietly updated its page for the High Desert Project with a few new links to some high quality links.  (be fore-warned that these are LARGE Files).


These links cover everything from multiple options for the Palmdale inter-change, including the "proposed but lacking money" XpressWest connections to the CA-HSR system, and the entire route of the E-220 route that the XpressWest will follow in the median to Victorville.

It also shows where the Freeway will run and "split" the Victorville State Run Prison with the Right Of Way down the middle of the street.  But, as you can see there is a possible variation to route to the South of the prison.  And how close the E-220 will border the SCLA project as well.

You can also find the Power point presentations for the updated variations here:

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