Tuesday, April 27, 2010

MAGLEV ~ "How Does Maglev"....FAQ's?


It's been a slow maglev news week.  We thought it would be a great opportunity to share a link with everyone that explains the "How Does Maglev" series ranging from Fire Safety to Sound Abatement.  

This is found within the Transrapid Website and has 9 video FAQs to its top asked questions.

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Evolution of Track Design


The International Maglev Board Forums has found a news article announcing that Beam Designer and Developer Max Bogl will take over the responsibility for providing leadership in the marketing of the Transrapid. 

The article goes on about how Max Bogl have developed 30% less expensive tracks.
Bogl plans on a succsesful contract in Brasilia (Brazil) to produce 8 girders a day and by this speed being the ONLY OPTION for being ready before the Olympics in 2014 compared to all highspeed competitors.



So we thought this would be a better time than ever to compile various photos of the track design as its changed throughout the years.

Lets start out in Germany and look at the Emsland (Lathen) testing grounds...
(Photos available @ http://www.transrapid-usa.com/content.asp)
(Photos, Charts, and graphs>Guideway)

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Just amazing how straight the track is! Notice the connector support pieces. 

Let's look at the Shanghai project and you see a BIG change in the track design.
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Notice how the track design went from mainly all steel to cement only using steel for mounting the Stator Coils and needed electrical.  Check out the maintenance vehicles!
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Heres another cross section of beam ready for install at the Shanghai station.

Lets look at the Munich Transrapid that never got built.  This full size model was on display for a few years in Munich.
Look at the space saving design that has evolved, no big sections of steel, less concrete = Cost saving$!

Within the Max Bogl website there is a Maglev Guideway catalog showcasing their beam designs, we strongly encourage anyone out there wanting to know more about the Maglev project follow this company and how its designed and changed throughout the years.

Here is one of the pages from the catalog showcasing its installation of new track pieces.
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Check out the new Upside down "U" shape design of the track and the ability to place it on angled wedges to match the correct radius for the turn.

Thats it for now.

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Maglev Shanghai to Hangzhou


The China Daily is reporting some friction between residents and new extension line to Hangzhou.  


Its a long article that residents are expressing concerns about how the new extended line is running close (22.5 meters) next to an apartment building.  They also discuss the costs of the extension to tax payers.

The interesting part of the article is the Threat to the air industry. (at the end of article).

Threat to air industry?
If the maglev route goes as planned, Hou Xiaogang’s apartment building will be right next to the maglev line as the proposed buffer zone is only 22.5 meters from the track. In contrast, the buffer zone along the Pudong line is nearly 200 meters, he said.

A report by Caijing Magazine in 2007 quoted an insider from the government as saying the narrow buffer zone was due to the soaring cost of house demolition.

“It is wrong to jump to the conclusion that electromagnetic radiation doesn’t harm the human body outside such a narrow buffer zone,” said Hou, who is a mechanic. “We need years, if not decades of research, especially when we are dealing with a large project that might affect the lives of millions.”

However, Sun said any suggestion maglev trains are radioactive dangers is “groundless”.

“Experiments have shown the electromagnetic radiation of maglev trains is minimal compared with what is emitted by electronic appliances. Onboard, the electromagnetic radiation is only one-fifth of that from a color television,” he said.
Nor are they noisier than conventional trains, as the airborne noise level from a maglev traveling 400 km/h is similar to that of a high-speed train traveling 300 km/h, he said.

In fact, maglev services could even be good for the environment, said Sun.

Although the communities who live beside them may not been keen on the speed, experts believe maglev technology is a green alternative to short-haul flights, much to the chagrin of Liu Shaoyong, China Eastern Airlines general manager, who recently predicted high-speed road and rail links could steal up to 30 percent of all airline passengers.

“They run on electric power that could be produced from renewable energy, while planes burn fossil fuels that are not sustainable,” said railways expert Sun.

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JR Tokai invites LaHood to ride Japans Maglev


Japan Railroad has invited U.S. transportation secretary LaHood to a test ride on their Maglev train to help increase sales of the technology.  Maybe this will "movement" will inspire LaHood to release the MAGLEV funds that have been dedicated and formed are still sitting waiting to be used.


Heres a photo of Japans maglev...which uses super conducting magnets on side walls to help with movement, instead of having the magnets underneath the track like the Germany Transrapid technology keeping trains wrapped around the track.

We've included a web page that has a great explanation of how the Japan Maglev technology works along with some awesome photos of Mt. Fuji in the background.

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Additional Victorville Station details for Desert Xpress


More details have been released about possible locations (3) for the Victorville Desert Express location.

"Developers are considering three possible sites for the 60-acre Victorville station, all with access to Interstate 15 and the planned E-220 High Desert Corridor.
The first two — at south and north Stoddard Wells Road, west of the I-15 — were covered in the draft Environmental Impact Study from the Federal Railroad Authority.
The third site, further north near the Dale Evans Parkway interchange, was introduced in response to comments on the draft EIS issued in March 2009. Drawings for that site are currently being prepared for the supplemental EIS."
Please review the following article for more of the details.

Please see previous within Maglev News for articles regarding the development of the E-220 (Palmdale to Victorville), the further designs of the Southern California logistics area to further understand how important these areas are to Desert Express.
(Locations along I-15 for possible stations for Desert Express).  
the two pins between the I-15 markers are in reference to the North/South Stoddard Wells Rd Location

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China develops Maglev Copy


China has developed its own Maglev bogey (lead car) in partnership "deals" with Transrapid when they purchased the maglev technology to build the worlds first daily operational line.

Here are a few links to the story, (including a video broadcast) and photos of the inside of the cab.  The main part of the story is how the cab will be tested and prepared before the Shanghai Worlds Expo.

(Video segment)

(News articles)

(compiled photos on one site)

(Enjoy the photos....)

Interior Cab...seats removed to show space

Door control pannel

Drivers Seat

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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Random MAGLEV Photo Day!

We hope you enjoy these random photos of the Maglev!

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Security Check Point

(Ever wonder how a maglev gets onto the tracks?)

Heres a photo of the new TR 09 at the testing grounds in Germany.

Friday, April 2, 2010

90,000 jobs petition site for CA/NV Maglev


The California/Nevada Maglev team has published a petition website asking for 100% support from Washington.  As you are well aware there is past months issue with Senator Reid moving on his own, 45M dollars that has been stalled (FRA, Attorney General of Nevada, etc...) with no-one taking claim to red tape that has been documented by the Maglev team with multiple letters back and forth from various teams verifying its status.

You can review the letters here:

We would strongly suggest you visiting the 90k jobs petition site:  And signing up to help assist this project even further!

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Eastbound 220 Palmdale to Victorville still being planned


We were sent this photo of land offering in Victorville which clearly shows the planned E-220 route (in Green).  This route as you can see cuts through the proposed Southern CA. Logistics area.  If the E-220 does start construction, the connection(s) of I-14 (Antelope Valley), 395 (Mammoth/Reno) and I-15 (Vegas/San Diego) this area will become a very important hub of shipping.

Keep in mind the Desert Express station is somewhere close to the I-15 (to the right of the "10 mile radius".)  You can see our findings from the FRA site here....

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