Thursday, June 30, 2011

Shanghai Welcome Center Museum Pixs

We found a set of pixs of some of the different "pieces" showcasing how Maglev works.

Here you can see (from top to bottom)...The beam that is placed into the concrete> that holds the stator pack windings.  There is a mirror so you can see underneath.

Here are the side and lower mounted magnets for the actual train.  
Here is where it all comes together... (Beams to hold the "Green Stator packs" > "Red for the side and lower magnets" > Grey for the actual track.

Then here is what we think is the "MAGLEV Icon person"...

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Deadline for ARTIC Station SOQ for Public Art due tomorrow July 1!

A friendly reminder that the deadline for submitting SOQ's for the public art for the station and outside areas is due tomorrow July 1 @ 1600 (4:00pm).  Good Luck!

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Triple Vegas Monorail News...


9f10.pngLas Vegas Monorail news over the past week.  

It appears that the Monorail is on its last $5.00 chip and is hoping for a 7 or 11!  

Bloomberg reports that the Las Vegas monorail MUST expand in (8) years or it will be a "craps roll of boxcars" with a shutdown of the entire system is needed.  

Heres an overview of the Monorail stories this past week.

Today, Tuesday June 21
Las Vegas Monorail trying to de-rail 90% of debt inches forward...

Sunday, June 19
Las Vegas resident figures out it may not always be faster to ride than to walk between casinos..unless you are playing the slots...

Wednesday, June 15
Monorail MUST expand or go to die in North Haverbrook... (sorry Simpsons reference)

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Palmdale threatens to sue CA-HSR


An older story this past week for the City of Palmdale is threatening to sue the CA-HSR over the "realigning" story that has surfaced now, regarding re-evaluating the costs of bringing the route through the Grapevine and to Santa Clarita, instead of the tunneling along the I-14 corridor.

If the CA-HSR does re-align the route... this could end the proposed rumors of DX considering extending to Pamldale.

Ditzhazy said a Bakersfield-to-Palmdale-to-Los Angeles route has been in planned for more than eight years and was listed in the $10 billion bond measure 1A voters approved in 2008 to fund a high speed rail project. He said Palmdale sits at the confluence of the proposed high speed rail line, a Metrolink commuter line and a proposed privately funded high speed rail to Las Vegas.
Ditzhazy said two previous studies—one in 1994 by Caltrans and one in 2003 by the City of Palmdale—found that the risks of delays, cost overruns and geological challenges were much higher on a Grapevine route.
“It should comes as no surprise that the Antelope Valley residents and businesses are outraged by the authority’s recent decision to waste $700,000 of the taxpayers’ money to ‘revisit’ and ‘reanalyze’ the I-5 Grapevine route,” Ditzhazy wrote, asking for a response by June 10


Basically, the Palmdale to Burbank section is facing increasingly high costs as it becomes clear that a lot more tunneling will be needed in the Soledad Canyon area along the CA-14 corridor. And that is causing the Authority to explore the Grapevine alignment again:
The Grapevine alignment had previously been discarded in favor of a route through Soledad Canyon over the Tehachapi Mountains crossing further to the east. That route would pass through Antelope Valley to Palmdale and on to Los Angeles. In earlier studies, the Grapevine route was dropped from consideration due to seismic issues and perceived high costs along I-5.

But after further study, the Authority operations committee is suggesting a new look at the I-5 corridor that could cut costs of this leg of the statewide system by “billions,” according to a staff report.
Further study of the Soledad Canyon option through the Antelope Valley found the need to build long tunnel sections and elevated structures, “substantially” raising costs from earlier estimates, according to the report.

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Vegasinc video article update on DX and Maglev articles.


Here is a link to the video article for the stories from last week covering the DX and Maglev articles.

Its a large 5:00 minute file...

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Monday, June 13, 2011

Vegasinc asking questions when HSR & MAGLEV will move forward

All, (from the Las Vegas Sun) have published (2) great question articles about BOTH DX and MAGLEV projects.  These articles show the real benefits to MAGLEV vs. DX.  We encourage readers to visit both links for the entire articles.  Richard N. Velotta wrote both articles.

"Is this train ever going to leave the station?"
By Richard N. Velotta
Monday, 13 June 2011
But it had—and still has—a serious flaw: It wouldn’t go anywhere near Hollywood. The line would end at Victorville, just south of which is Cajon Pass, a steep grade from the Los Angeles Basin to the high desert. The high-speed rail technology can’t climb the Cajon Pass grade. True, there are freight train tracks between San Bernardino and Victorville, but curves would be too tight for a high-speed train to maintain speed. The whole idea of having a high-speed system from LA to Vegas is to make the trip competitive with airlines. A slowdown at Cajon Pass would defeat the purpose.

Critics have publicly flogged the DesertXpress proposal from Day 1. Who in their right mind would drive from Los Angeles to Victorville, park their car in a lot, climb aboard a train for an hour and 20 minutes and then rely on public transportation once in Las Vegas?

Forget about Las Vegans wanting to go to Southern California. Victorville as an end point has always been a nonstarter for us. We would have even less desire to find our way into the vast California megalopolis on public transportation after getting off “the train to nowhere.” Yeah, you could rent a car at the Victorville station, but what’s the point? It would be easier and less expensive to simply drive the three hours through Victorville and then on to Los Angeles.

What does the management of DesertXpress think? No one would comment on the California developments, although in recent public appearances, officials have blissfully repeated that the route through Victorville is the way to go.
Unfortunately, I had also hoped to talk with them about recent concerns raised by homeowners along the proposed route into Las Vegas and how the train and its elevated track would be a noisy visible nuisance.

I also want to know what they thought of Texas developer Chris Milam’s ambitious plan to build baseball and soccer stadiums and a basketball arena at Interstate 15 and Russell Road. This is the same area DesertXpress officials have said is their No. 1 choice for a train station.

Have Milam’s people and the DesertXpress people—both represented locally by influential Sig Rogich—even spoken with each other?

And what about the status of DesertXpress’ $4.9 billion loan application through the Railroad Rehabilitation & Improvement Financing program, which provides direct federal loans and loan guarantees to finance development of railroad infrastructure?

 (new article)

"If 'Plan A' for HSR derails, 'Plan B' stands ready...."

By Richard N. Velotta
Monday, 13 June 2011
So what happens if high-speed rail plans in California derail? Is there a Plan B to get Las Vegans to LA?

The answer is obvious: Revive the original idea of using maglev technology, which wouldn’t be hindered by the steep grades of Cajon Pass and could shuttle passengers to and from Anaheim in about the same time it would take DesertXpress to run from Las Vegas to Victorville. The maglev plan, backed by the California-Nevada Super Speed Train Commission and endorsed by the Nevada Transportation Department and several Southern California municipalities along its route, is still alive.

Neil Cummings, president of American Magline Group, the company contracted to carry out the commission’s plan, says not much has happened since July 2009 when the scope of work for the starter segment of the project and $45 million in funding were approved.

“We’re still pursuing all possibilities to make this happen,” Cummings said last week. “Unfortunately, there’s been no communication from the Federal Railroad Administration, which has been beyond frustrating.”

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Additional ARTIC press details released....

We came across what appears to be a press-release "article" from publishing additional details for the ARTIC (anaheim) station.  

Here are some of the details but, we suggest going to the link and reading the entire story....

ARTIC will be sized to accommodate the transportation services provided by the following operators:
• Metrolink
• Amtrak
• OCTA Local Bus
• Anaheim Resort Transit Shuttles and Circulators
• Anaheim Go Local rubber tired mixed-flow shuttles
• “Fly-Away” type Airport Shuttles
• Connection to off-site private intercity buses
• Private Tourism buses
• Taxi Services
The ARTIC Project components include:
• Main Intermodal Terminal building
• At-grade bus facility
• On-site surface parking and retention of the existing station’s surface parking
• Terminal site work
• Improvements within the LOSSAN corridor
• Stadium entrance
• Above-grade passenger concourse
• Off-site/Douglass Road work

Project Data:

Square Footage:66,000 sq. ft.
Site Size:16 acres
LEED Rating:Platinum
Construction Cost:$183.8 million
Year Built:2014


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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Vegas Stadiums still not tapped out yet


With the recent Nevada legislative sessions "killing" all proposed Stadiums (UNLV, Behind the Strip, and the 3 stadium prospect from the owners of the Area 51 Baseball team) due to not creating a tax area for supporting the stadiums the projects, the projects are still looking for additional possibilities.

Part of the 3 stadium project across from Mandalay Bay was to also possibly house the DX station into one of the stadiums.

You can read the entire story here:

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Desert Tortoise remains on threatened species Solar projects delayed

We came across this article about how the Desert Tortoise will remain on the threatened list.

This will effect all future projects (Solar, Maglev, DX, Ivanpah Airport, etc..) in the Primm Nv., Ivanpah Nv., and parts of San Bernardino County in Ca.

Desert tortoise to remain on list of threatened species

2011-06-03 14:50:30

A recently released five-year review of the status of endangered and threatened species by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service continues to list the desert tortoise as threatened.

Threatened species are those that are likely to become endangered within the foreseeable future throughout all or a significant portion of its range. Fish and Wildlife is required to review each endangered or threatened species at least every five years.

Because the desert tortoise is a threatened species, all energy projects in the Mojave Desert have to make sure that the reptile is disturbed as little as possible and projects which find larger numbers of the tortoises than expected — such as the Ivanpah solar project near the California-Nevada border — can be shut down or delayed.

As part of the review, new information is considered on the population trends, population distribution, habitat conditions, and conservation measures of the species, according to Fish and Wildlife. A species is determined to be endangered or threatened based on present or threatened destruction of its habitat, disease or predation, inadequate regulations regarding the species, being overused for scientific purposes, and any other natural or manmade threat to the species.

  • DX, (because the tracks are laid at grade level) lots of animal tunneling areas will be required to be built under the tracks.
  • MAGLEV (because of the tracks are slightly above grade level) holes are made within the "slip-form" of the track... (from this weeks Maglev Movie Monday).

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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Maglev Movie Monday

Its been a few slow weeks in the MAGLEV world so heres another set of youtube videos to enjoy.

Neil Cummings (President American Magline Group spoke at High Speed Rail Tour 2010.  Here are the powerpoint slides about the CA/NV project and the entire overview.
(Part 1)

(Part 2)

Karl Frank with Hirschfeld Industries discusses Guideway Capital Costs.  Also video showing the milling of the beam from Max Bogel, and new guideway design.
(Part 1)

(Part 2)

Here is a newer Shanghai video that was uploaded this month.  Not anything vital, however you do get to see the conductor operating the safety buttons for the automatic doors (around :50) and it appears that they are doing some repair work on the other track and switch to the maintenance bay as you can see support vehicles (with sheds on flatbed trucks around 2:30).  Be advised that there is mild techno music playing though out the entire video.

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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Proposed MAGLEV project Orlando Airport to Disney World needs 90 more days.


Remember back in March that former state Sen. Jim Sebesta was going to announce plans for a MAGLEV line within 90 days from MCO to Disney World just after the Florida HSR project got scrapped.

Well the 90 days have come and gone.  Mark Holan who originally wrote the article and contacted Jim Sebesta about the project and heres what he had to say.
Fast-rail prediction time frame expires 
Tampa Bay Business Journal - by Mark Holan 
Date: Thursday, June 2, 2011, 1:23pm EDT 
Mark Holan 
Staff Writer 

Former state Sen. Jim Sebesta wants another 90 days. 

On March 4 he predicted a private company would announce plans within three months for a 
maglev (magnetic levitation) rail line between Orlando International Airport and Disney World. 

The prediction, aired during a BayNews 9 panel discussion, came in the wake of the Florida 
Supreme Court ruling to uphold Gov. Rick Scott’s decision to kill the proposed high-speed train 
between Orlando and Tampa. 

“All I can say is there is stuff going on,” Sebesta said this week from his St. Petersburg home. “It 
is being worked on. Things are happening quietly behind the scenes.” 
Sebesta, a former state Senate Transportation Committee chairman, said he is working on the 
project as a consultant and is bound by a confidentiality agreement. 

“Nothing would warm my heart more that to announce to central Florida that it is on the way,” he 
said. “It’s a real estate development deal, make no mistake about that.” 

Talk of a maglev line between Disney and Port Canaveral, where the entertainment and leisure 
giant operates a cruise ship, has circulated for more than a decade. 

Disney’s press office in Orlando could not immediately comment. 

Tony Morris, president and CEO of American MagLev Technology Inc., which bid on earlier 
efforts to bring rapid rail transit to Florida, said his company is not involved in any negotiations.

Maybe Gov. Scott knows something, which may have influenced his decision to kill the bullet train. 
Orlando is still waiting for the governor’s decision on whether to move forward with SunRail. 

Maybe U.S. Rep. John Mica, the Orlando-based chairman of the House Transportation and 
Infrastructure Committee, figures into the mix. 

Maybe we will know more in the next 90 days.

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