Friday, October 22, 2010

FOUND! City of Barstow report to FRA AGAINST DX

It's been a busy month with press on both sides:  MAGLEV supporters in Las Vegas asking questions to the FRA regarding the DX report.

And DX coming out with a fancy new website (just in time) for the FRA to announce that the DX can now submit for Federal Backed Loans....
(wait a second....I thought DX didn't need Federal Money)...but that is ANOTHER subject for ANOTHER time.  

With all the press (during the FRA re-examining the DX EIR reports because they now want to build tunnels, and cross part of the Mojave National Forest, and other small items eg...increased db levels in Barstow) the the City of Barstow has made it known that it does not support the DX project and has hired a consulting firm to inform all of its residents of the negative aspects of the DX not stopping in Barstow.

Keep in mind that the MAGLEV project has always planned on stopping in BOTH Victorville and Barstow.  And is planning on a maintenance facility in Barstow.

We found today a link to the ENTIRE report that the consultant firm has sent to the FRA (on behalf of the City of Barstow) regarding questions about the DX project...(such as why... the MAGLEV project is not included in any of it's 'DX' EIR reports as a complementing/competing project).

Enjoy the link.  Be forewarned that its 9MB and 110 pages.

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Monday, October 4, 2010

Barstow looking into combatting against DX


Please see the following article from the City of Barstow, CA.  They have started to look into making the city aware of the possible financial issues that will arise if the DX does not build a station in Barstow.  Keep in mind that the MAGLEV project not only has proposed building a station (for both victorville and barstow) but, also a proposed MAGLEV maintenance facility increasing jobs.

Heres the date and location for the FRA hearing that will take place in Barstow.

"The Federal Railroad Administration’s public hearing on the train’s supplemental environmental impact statement released earlier this month from 5:30  to 8 p.m. Oct. 14 at the Hampton Inn at 2710 Lenwood Road." 

2010-10-03 09:07:35
BARSTOW • After it approved an economic study in opposition to a proposed high speed train between Victorville and Las Vegas, Barstow officials are now proposing that the city hire a public relations firm to spread awareness about the train’s negative impacts to Barstow.

The City Council will be asked Monday to approve a $20,000 professional services agreement with Public Management Advisors, a consulting firm for public agencies. If approved, the consultant will come up with a communication plan to spread awareness of the loss of revenue and the loss of jobs in Barstow should the DesertXpress train be built.
City officials estimate that Barstow could lose $1.3 million a year in sales tax revenue if the DesertXpress train is built. This is based on a traffic impact study, which states the train would result in 20 percent fewer cars on Interstate 15. The train would connect Victorville with Las Vegas, bypassing Barstow.

According to its contract with the city, if hired, Public Management Advisors will position Barstow as an environmental and economic advocate, put political pressure on California government officials and offer commentary to influence public opinion. It will send press releases and pitch story ideas to newspapers in Nevada and Arizona as well as the Los Angeles Times and the Desert Dispatch.

City Manager Richard Rowe could not be reached for comment. Ron Rector, the city’s community and economic development director, and the person making the proposal, wrote in an e-mail Friday that he does not comment on agenda items that haven’t been before the City Council for approval.

The City Council Sept. 15 approved a $22,000 contract with economist Ronald Barbieri to prepare an economic study that will be submitted to the Federal Railroad Administration at a public hearing Oct. 14.
DesertXpress officials hope to be through the permitting process by the end of this year. Project officials are currently applying for a federal loan to partially fund the project.

The DesertXpress is one of two high speed trains proposed for the High Desert. The Council has long opposed the project because it does not have a stop in Barstow. A magnetic levitating train between Anaheim and Las Vegas with a stop in Barstow is being developed, but would need to be funded by government dollars. (keep in mind that now DX is also now asking for Federal dollars)

The Federal Railroad Administration’s public hearing on the train’s supplemental environmental impact statement released earlier this month from 5:30  to 8 p.m. Oct. 14 at the Hampton Inn at 2710 Lenwood Road. The supplemental environmental impact report can be found at the FRA’s Web site at

The Barstow City Council meets at 7:30 p.m. Monday in City Council Chambers at 220 East Mountain View Street. Copies of the agenda and staff report are available at Meetings are televised live at Time Warner Cable Channel 6.

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The Ca/Nv Maglev team is hosting a update information session for its fans (Facebook site reached 2,000 fans) and the public.  See the details below...

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Polls have shown more than 80% support for this project and the CNIMP Team is very grateful for each of you out there. With fans from nearly 20 different U.S. states and almost 20 different countries, supporters understand that this project will not only create a brand new industry for Americans badly in need of work, but it will have a transformational influence on transportation development around the world. We are committed more than ever to making this project a reality and we are determined to boost the local economy by creating 90,000 jobs and by connecting Las Vegas to the heart of Southern California in just 81 minutes with 310 mph, safe, efficient and environmentally friendly, state-of-the art Maglev technology.
Come meet the Maglev Project Team, learn about new project updates and enjoy some great food, drinks and fun surprises. This is your opportunity to ask questions and offer suggestions and ours to say thank you for remaining committed to building the fastest train in the world right here in our community!

We look forward to meeting each of our fans in person!
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