Sunday, January 31, 2010

ARTIC website updated....

ARTIC... (Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center).

ARTIC will be the final stop for the MAGLEV traveling from Vegas.  And makes a lot of sense having this location here and for the MAGLEV.  As you can see from the photo there is so much going on in just this one location!

The site is now showing routes from the CA HSR connection and the proposed dedicated (light rail, bus, or even Monorail) routes into ARTIC.  The Blue route will is the proposed Anaheim Rapid Connection with stops just West of the Disneyland Resort area and the next stop West of the Convention Center.

They also appear to have gone forward with the "A" style arch of the building...
You can see that running along the Santa Ana river are the support beams for the MAGLEV.

Compare that to the "runner-up" concept along with the possible "advertising on the building."


I strongly suggest going into the website and checking out the video...(its embedded into the website).  It shows multiple times the Monorail and HSR connections.

We will cover this it moves forward.


Response letter from the Las Vegas MAGLEV team to FRA.


We strongly suggest the reading of the response from the CNIMP (California Nevada Interstate Maglev Team) to the FRA (Federal Railroad Admin) dated the day after the HSR money was issued to states like Florida.  The CNIMP asked for, responded, and provided countless letters and dates back to the FRA team with the status of the MAGLEV project.  And asks for the opportunity to respond back (from the FRA).


Friday, January 29, 2010

No Money for MAGLEV.....BUT???


I'm sure you have heard by now that there is a lot of confusion out there in the press about who is exactly to blame for the MAGLEV project not getting a single thin dime.  There are a few posts in the press that you should read (especially Nevadans) as are fed up with the lack of response from Senator Reid.  MAGLEV NEWS will not point any fingers (as there have already been enough pointing going on.)  We will let you decide what needs to happen.

(be sure to click on the video).

Wait, why is Senator Reid working along with the Govenator to get the California project money?  Shouldnt he be working for the State of Nevada since that is where his seat is?  And Im still confused that without any rail money for Nevada, yet the assumption is there that Nevada will get money ONCE the PALMDALE LINE is connected to Xpress.

  • (HSR) So, someone in the heart of LA (I-5, I-10, I-101, I-110)  (yeah there will be subway connectors but, you'll still need to park or get a ride to the station). for example will have to do the following to get to Vegas via Xpress.
    • Drive to downtown LA (leave car...scary).  **Pay fare** Take HSR to Palmdale.  Change trains,**Pay fare**  to Xpress.  Take Palmdale Xpress to Victorville, Change trains to Victorville Xpress to Vegas.  Imagine making these transfers on a late Sunday evening coming back from Vegas.
    • Oh, by the way... PALMDALE has not been submitted for any enviromental studies, and its not even proposed to START construction until 2014 (I read somewhere cant find the link.) 
  • (MAGLEV) Drive to Anaheim Station (I-5, 91 freeway East/West, 57 freeway North/south, I-405.
    • Board MAGLEV **Pay Fare** at ARTIC station (Anaheim Stadium).
    • Sit in same seat for 86 minutes covering 269 miles.
This next story is a great MAGLEV story...and its our hope that this spurs the movement further...

"Meanwhile, a magnetically levitated train from Las Vegas to Anaheim was cut out of Thursday’s funding. The government’s just getting started, however. 

“They’re going to invest a lot of money. They did $8 billion today. In the president’s FY11 Budget, there’s an additional $5 billion. The Senate version of the jobs bill has $2.5 billion.” "

"The DesertXpress plans to build using private investment and federal loans while getting past the Victorville issue. 

“I think that’s one of the challenges the DesertXpress is going to have to overcome. I think one of the challenges that the Maglev group is going to have to overcome – which they both are – is right of way, availability. They’re going to have to overcome… the Maglev in particular is going to overcome their alignment out of Anaheim.” 

"It may come down to which can actually break ground first because neither route is perfect. 
“The connection really should be L.A. to Las Vegas.”"

According to CNIMP (California/Nevada/Interstate/MAGLEV/Project) teams posting on Facebook...

California-Nevada Interstate Maglev Project 

Susan, thank you for your passionate support. Yes, most people believe that Reid did have the power to get us funding if he wanted to. But Governor Gibbons and his staff are not to blame. They have been working hard with us every day to try and get this project built and address these issues with the press. re have been several false statements presented as to why Nevada and CNIMP did not get any funding, but we are also working to correct these false claims.

If you want to convey your feelings to Senator Reid (BTW Nov 2 is the day to vote Nevada):

Also dont forget to take the FOX5 polling for Rail or Maglev:

Keep the chins up! 
And keep flying at ground level.
~Maglev news.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Florida confirms slice of High Speed Rail Pie!

(website edit...While it appears that projects have been announced they have not.  They will be announced tomorrow (Thursday Jan 28).  Keep your fingers crossed for the MAGLEV team!

Related To Story

High-Speed Rail Heads To Central Fla.

President Barack Obama To Announce Train On Thursday

POSTED: 11:47 am EST January 27, 2010
UPDATED: 5:40 pm EST January 27, 2010

White House officials and Sen. Bill Nelson confirmed on Wednesday that high-speed rail is heading to Central Florida.

President Barack Obama is expected to announce in Tampa Thursday that federal money will be provided to the state to build the train that will link Tampa, Walt Disney World and Orlando.

Nelson said Florida will receive a portion of $8 billion in stimulus funds that are being offered to develop a national high-speed rail network. State officials asked for $2.5 billion.

"This will be one of the largest boosts to the state's economy since Disney, since the Interstate highway system," Nelson said.

It's unclear whether the state will get all the money it requested to build the rail system.

Officials with the Department of Transportation said high-speed rail would provide an efficient, reliable and comfortable travel option between cities at speeds of 120 mph or greater. The trains will contain modern amenities and conveniences, and they're time and price competitive to other forms of transportation.

Of Florida's four applications submitted to the feds, Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer predicts the Central Florida leg will come first.

The cost for Florida's proposed rail lines is around $2.6 billion. Sen. George LeMieux said he's hopeful the president will award full funding to the Sunshine State.

"I'm very excited about it. I've got my fingers crossed the president is going to award Florida the full $2.5 billion," LeMieux said.

The first leg could be in operation by 2015.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bullet Train from Japan is aimed at US shores.

Everyone the U.S. is expecting BIG job news the day after President Obama delivers "State of the Nation" address.  The day after President Obama is rumored to announce the release of $8 billion for High Speed Rail during his first stop in Tampa.  One of the states competing (as a last moment hail mary attempt) is Florida running from Tampa to Orlando then to MCO (Orlando Airport).  This is an excerpt of how TOKYO is aiming to try and land some bullet train dollars.

TOKYO—The iconic needle-nosed Japanese "bullet train" could speed through the swampy marshlands of central Florida if Yoshiyuki Kasai, the chairman of Central Japan Railway Co., gets his way.
Mr. Kasai on Monday announced efforts to bring the shinkansen, Japan's bullet train, to the U.S. JR Central's push to enter the U.S. comes as Washington prepares to announce how $8 billion in federal stimulus money set aside for high-speed passenger-train service is carved up.
Bloomberg News
Central Japan Railway hopes to sell its shinkansen train, seen Monday in Tokyo, for a high-speed rail project proposed in Florida.
JR Central is up against some tough competition, however. Dozens of international companies, including Germany's SiemensAG, Canada's Bombardier Inc., France'sAlstom SA and General Electric Co. andLockheed Martin Corp. of the U.S. all are clamoring for a piece of the pie, which is meant in part to create U.S. jobs. The Obama administration is expected to announce as early as this week what projects will receive stimulus funds.

The $8 billion "is oversubscribed by a factor of eight to one," said Richard Lawless, chief executive of U.S.-Japan High Speed Rail, a consulting company JR Central created to market the bullet train. "Of all the corridors we looked at, the one that looks the most promising and immediate is Florida."
The proposed Florida high-speed rail would cost a total of $3.5 billion to construct, including rolling stock, JR Central said.
Congress attached "Buy America" provisions to the stimulus spending aimed at favoring U.S. firms. But JR Central has structured its package in the hopes of meeting those provisions. Officials from U.S.-Japan Maglev, another JR Central consulting company, said they would ask Florida companies to construct the infrastructure for the train, including the signals and track. Part of the rolling stock, or cars, would be built in the U.S. by U.S. companies.

The Japanese rail system is renowned for its efficiency, speed, punctuality—trains arrive to the minute—and its impeccable, white-gloved conductors who bow to passengers as they board and depart trains.
Until now, there hasn't been a huge push to market the shinkansen abroad. But faced with a declining population and recent reductions in highway tolls during the holidays, which encourage people to drive during heavy travel periods, JR Central wants to expand abroad.
JR Central is one of six former state-owned railed companies that were privatized in 1987. It operates the bustling service between Tokyo and Osaka, which accounts for 80% of JR Central's revenue. But its profit has declined recently, to 126 billion yen for the fiscal year ended March 31 from 159.7 billion yen in fiscal 2008. Profit is expected to fall slightly this year and drop to 85 billion yen for fiscal 2011.

For far too long, the U.S. has neglected our passenger-rail system," said Mr. Patterson, of U.S.-Japan Maglev. "Now finally we are bringing it into the twenty-first century."

Saturday, January 23, 2010

THE ROUTE with Maps... In Color!

All right! There is a good portion of articles showing movement for the MAGLEV. I will take a few moments and showcase the route and estimated time of travel. Lets start from Anaheim and work our way North. In later posts we will look at each city and its demographics, and possible station locations.

(Please keep in mind all routes, station designs, ROW's, are proposals and are designed for Entertainment use.  Please contact the proposed routing companies for further information.)

(269 miles) 86 minutes

As you can see just North of Anaheim Stadium is the Metrolink station. If you follow the train line to the East (right of the screen) to the green switchbacks...the OCTA owns the section of land from the 57 freeway North to Katella Ave. It doesnt look like a lot of land but, how they will combine the Metrolink and some of the parking of Anaheim Stadium...(which will be a great plus for them) and how the possible elevated route to the Resort Area (Disneyland / Convention Center) will take place.

We will soon take a look at the entire ARTIC location and its plans for the future.

Anaheim is Ontario, CA.
40 minutes

This specific part of the route hasnt been released yet to the public. So we will give our best guest estimates on where the station will go. As the route from Anaheim could follow 2 different routes. the 57 Freeway North to the 60 Pomona Freeway East OR 57 Freeway to Riverside 91 East then make a left turn at Corona and follow the 15 freeway all the way. Both come close to the Ontario Airport.

Ontario to Victorville
Victorville you might recall has be receiving a lot of press lately especially from the Xpress camp as their starting point is Victorville and they are trying to drum up more support and more $$$ by talking about extending a spur line West to the city of Palmdale where the California High Speed Rail will be stopping.
One of the things to remember is this section will be the most interesting to watch being built as this is where the MAGLEV will be climbing 10 degree angles to climb the Cajon Pass into the high desert.

Victorville to Barstow

This section will be the quickest of the route as by car it only takes approximatly 45 minutes to get to Barstow from Victorville. Ontairo, Victorville and Barstow are big trucking towns with lots of Truck stops and transfer points for cargo. Especially cargo coming from LA and from Bakersfield.

Barstow, Ca to Primm, NV.
*Mileage from Barstow to Vegas
(154 miles) 45 minutes

It has been rumored that Barstow will be the maintenance facility for the Maglev system. Barstow has lots of train history and still has one of the "Harvey Houses" available for tours. Harvey Houses were restaurant and some had hotels for train travelers. But, they all had fabulous service...take some time a google Harvey House...very interesting story of History.
It will be interesting to see if they use areas near the train switching areas (just to the left of the "A") or outside of town for the facilities. This will also be the longest segment of the trip. This segment by car (with no accidents or traffic) can be travelled in roughly 2 hours. You can also see the 2 interstates (I-15 to Las Vegas and I-40 to Laughlin, NV.) combine into one. Imagine all that traffic on a get-away Friday night.

Primm, NV. to Las Vegas, NV.
(35 miles) 12 minutes

Somewhere out here will be the proposed (expected to open 2018) new Primm/Ivanpah Valley international airport. This is the first place the Californians can gamble and ironically the closest place for Nevadans to buy CA. lotto tickets. NV. does not have a lottery. There are 3 Casinos, the worlds largest (I think its now tied) roller coaster "the desperado", outlet mall, apartments for the Casino workers, and 2 gas station. Thats it.

Primm, NV. to Las Vegas, NV.

This will also be a interesting construction project to watch and how or IF they can get both the proposed extension Monorail project once they come out of bankruptcy, to connect and get more riders from LAS airport.
(if they can get the Cabbies to agree).

Keep flying at the Ground~
Maglev News

Friday, January 22, 2010

Maglev backers woo Vegas contractors

Heres a great article from the Las Vegas Sun. The CNIMP presented the MAGLEV project to the Associated General Contractors in Vegas...(Heres some excerpts..)

"The American Magline Group didn’t have a difficult time Thursday convincing general contractors to support its plan to build a magnetic levitation train from Las Vegas to Anaheim.
It just took one promise — 90,000 jobs.
Neil Cummings, president of the group, and Thomas Bordeaux, deputy project manager from Parsons Transportation, spoke to more than 250 people at the quarterly Associated General Contractors luncheon at the Orleans.
The plan may need their support before it can deliver on the promise to employee all those construction workers.
“There’s a lot of aspects of this project that’s going to rely on general contractors here in Southern Nevada, and it cannot be built without them. Our business plan is dependant on that,” Bordeaux said.
Cummings told the contractors that their help was going to be key in getting the federal government to support the project instead of others around the country.
“It can happen here. It will happen here with your help, because you’re the ones that are going to build it,” Cummings said. “I’m just a lawyer and I can talk, but you guys can build it, so we’re counting on you help us.”"
"Cummings asked the contractors to contact Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood and their congressional representatives, even providing form letters for them to use.
The contractors seemed eager to reject the DesertXpress project in favor of the maglev train.
One audience member asked if the “ludicrous idea of the competition building a train to Victorville” was dead.
It’s not, but many of the contractors said they felt the maglev train would be better for Southern Nevada and they have hope for how the project could benefit their companies.
“It will bring jobs to the market,” said David Dieleman from Dielco Crane. “It would be a good boost for a lot of local contractors, maybe not us as much as other companies, but it could be a boost for us, too.”
Plus, the train would bring more tourists to Las Vegas, which could spur more construction, Dieleman said."
"Cummings said the project would be beneficial to Las Vegas and everywhere along the route where stations are built.
“This project is something that could really revitalize the entire valley,” he said.
The train, which would provide an 81-minute trip to Anaheim once completed, will cost $12.1 billion to build, Cummings said. It will be built in segments, each of which should be profitable, he said."

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Not a lot of NEWS... So heres some more PIXS!

There has not been a lot of news this past week about Maglev(period).
Some web services are still posting the Las Vegas Sun article (covering Maglev/Xpress/Monorail) from the first of the year as a brand new posting... its making ink somewhere.
Here are some photos from the Magnetbahnforum where they are posting the Munich Airport TR 09 train at the Germany testing facility. This train was supposed to be for the Munich project and was on display at the airport until the project was closed. Because of the testing site accident they needed another train. The TR 09. This train has recently been OK by Germany government for private/public testing runs but, guests have to sit in the middle train and no one can roam the train while in motion. (One can assume that this is for building more time on the track and certifying for use.
*The Magnetbahn is a great forum and has lots of different photos, videos, and blog space about anything Maglev.*
Heres a great photo of how Grade level traffic can interact with the Maglev. Semi-Trucks, Campers and bicycles co-exist.
Here is a photo of the new interior...
Heres a great photo of the Maglev maintenance shop floor with the side wings exposed.
'Keep flying at the ground'
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Friday, January 15, 2010


If you follow the California Nevada Interstate Maglev Project blog on Facebook....
They have posted some station renderings. I wont post them since they have not been added to their main website yet.
The Stations that they posted are:
Downtown Las Vegas
South Vegas Station
Primm Airport (proposed) Connector Station
They also showed renderings for the Artic Station in Anaheim.
Maglev News