Sunday, June 17, 2012

Anaheim traffic issues video for Cars Land opening, Angles, and Concerts

Heres a small video article from ABC LA 7 about the upcoming traffic issues in the Anaheim area for the weekend.  It shows shots of the proposed HSR/metrolink/ARC station... across from the Anaheim Angles.

There is no mention within the video about the upcoming ARTIC and ARC projects and getting people around the Anaheim area. But, you can start to realize how busy the streets Harbor (North/South) and Katella (East/West) can be when there are multiple events in the area.  And how important these connectors will become in the next few years.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

DX now Xpresswest


With the recent announcements of DesertXpress signing a resolution with the Antelope Valley connecting a possible station with Palmdale and the CA-HSR project in an attempt of appearing to making the project with better connectivity for the amount of the loan they (DX) is asking for they have changed their name now to Xpresswest.

Some of the media outlets have also reported incorrectly how the trains will connect.  The trains will never follow the 138 freeway (East/West from lower Victorville through Littlerock to South of Palmdale and 14 Freeway).  They will have possible land set aside for the connection with the E-220 High Desert Corridor project.  The trains will run in the middle of the freeway.

Heres the link to the E-220 expressing support for the Xpresswest (DX) project.

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Friday, June 8, 2012

Desert Express News Update

It appears that the DX project has been trying to quietly move away from the negative publicity of the costs and ending location of its project with the article from todays Las Vegas Sun stating that the DX team has signed documents with the new incoming MTA Chairman Antonovich linking the Las Vegas to Victorville and now trying to include Palmdale with connecting to the CA-HSR station.

If you remember, Michael Antonovich ( )is the current Vice-Chairman for the proposed East/West 220 "high desert corridor" freeway (possible toll) linking Palmdale to Victorville.  And also is the LA County Supervisor. 

(There are 2 highway routes running East/West from Antelope Valley.)

*Pearblossom Highway 138 known as "blood alley" where trucks and cars trying to reach Interstate 15 either North or South can do so by a 2 lane road that runs for about 22 miles.
*Highway 58 just to the North of Edwards Air Force Base again running East/West and parts of the freeway go from full freeway to 2 lane road on the outskirts of Barstow. 

We have been talking about this proposed project since early 2010.  Heres a link to the article with the a photo of the proposed route.

E220 is a new proposed "high desert corridor" freeway starting around 50th Street East and Avenue P (Past the proposed Palmdale airport from 1977).  

This video from February 5th 2012 has all the information you need about the project.

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Dear Readers:

Dear Readers:
As you may have noticed that there hasn't been a lot of new lately on the Maglev front.  We estimate that we won't see (unless something dramatic happens) any new updates on some of the projects until after the U.S. presidential elections later this year.  But, here are some bullet points on what is currently going on.

City of Anaheim and ARTIC have officially released to the public that they are seeking bids for the project.  On June 12, the City will hold a pre-bid conference in Anaheim.  Possible ground breaking 2012/13. You can find out more information here:

  • ARC
Connecting ARTIC to the Anaheim Resort Area (Disneyland and Convention Center).  Project is moving along with a pre-submital meeting took place in June.  You can find the slides from the presentation here:
  • CA-HSR
While this doesn't have any effect on the Maglev project High Speed rail will now continue all the way to Anaheim and the ARTIC station.  There was a brief possibility that the CA-HSR would stop at Union Station.  Project is still planning where the initial project will start.

  • DesertXpress
The DX project in late May had some negative publicity about the project, and its costs and the Federal Loan that the project is asking for.  The project is stalled waiting for its loan to be approved.  You can find the last posted news article about the project here:

  • CA/NV Maglev
No new updates from the Maglev camp as they are waiting as well for monies to complete its environmental and construction reports.  As these monies were pulled from the project as Sen. Reid changed camps to DX as he was a long time supporter of the project.

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