Tuesday, March 29, 2011

FRA releases final Desert Express EIR report


Over the past week the FRA along with Senator Reid announced that the Desert Express has reached its final stop before ground breaking.  (Final statements are due May 2) There are a lot of articles out there for this announcement that are "googleable"so we wont list them here.  We thought it would be interesting to see the different online comment (from the public) remarks FOR and AGAINST the project.

FOX 5(Las Vegas) poll... Which train project do you support (March 24)?
Out of 264 votes.... 20 or 8% (Neither)...27 or 10% Desert Express or... Maglev 217 or 82%

FOX 5 (Las Vegas) DX wont derail Maglev project (March 25).
"M. Neil Cummings, president of American Magline Group told FOX5 that the consortium of companies he leads, "will stay the course," despite Sen. Harry Reid's announcement that the environmental impact statement for competing project DesertXpress had been completed."

"New technologies and ideas always meet with resistance," Cummings said. "Too much is at stake for the future of Las Vegas and the region to be deterred by a train to Victorville."

How does anyone add up and think that only one stop is ok. And that stop is to nowhere. Maglev has (5) stops and directly supports (3) airports. And can complete the entire 220 miles before DX gets to V'Ville.
Developers initially said they wouldn’t use any public dollars to fund the project. However, they are now asking for a loan from the federal government of about $4.9 billion.
Maglev will bring utility to everyone down below and will truly relieve traffic congestion,” said Rector, Barstow’s Economic Development Chair.
“The DX pretty much doesn’t do anything for people in San Bernardino County or Orange County,” said Ontario City Councilman Wapner. “When I 
talk to folks, I don’t find it likely that people will take the (DX) train.”
why can't there be both Desert Xpress and Maglev, Desert Xpress can go to L.A. and the Maglev train can go to another city where it would be just as easy maybe Anehiem
"Did you know that Maglev is the ONLY proposed project that can directly reach major SoCal cities because it is the only one that can handle the 7% grades? Also today, plans were announced to consider Transrapid Maglev for the Spanish Island of Tenerife. The President is convinced that, due to its climbing capabilities of up to 10% and its relatively small foot print, it is the right choice for the mountainous island."


I understand that laying high speed rail tracks in urban centers is ungodly expensive, but at the very least they need Metrolink to Victorville first so that people can easily transfer to the high speed line.

Yeah, but if your willing to force transfers at Victorville from Metrolink to DesertXpress (and vice versa), why not take it a step further and build the Maglev, which would have transfer stations with the CHSR project at ONT and ARTIC in Anaheim?


Why's that? Because it's more expensive? I'll tell you this much: The planned extension to Palmdale isn't concrete, and will only happen AFTER the Las Vegas-Victorville portion is built. They don't even share the same EIR. The Maglev is being built in segments as well, but it's all being done in one single study process.

So, in the worst case scenario, we could have a line from Vegas to nowhere..... do you want that?

Because the HSR technology DesertXpress is proposing is unable to traverse the Cajon Pass into the Inland Empire and connect with the CHSR there.

But the Maglev CAN.

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Maglev Movie Monday (Sunday)


We came across (2) great promotional/informational video from 1994 for the Transrapid 07.

Keep in mind that this is entirely in German.  But, it shows the 07 reaching 500 km/h!, video with audio noise levels in db, and showcases angles of climbing and turn radius.

It also compares ICE trains to MAGLEV in speed, db levels, etc...

The second video is from the same informational video but, has a story interwoven showcasing how the Trasrapid can share the same processes as airline travel.  Check out around 11:10 where the driver appears to be "rocking out" while driving.  Lots of 80's hair and clothes!

If anyone can translate these....

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Florida's $2.4 Billion applications due April 4


The FRA has announced its plan to offer the $2.4 Billion from the Florida project to other HSR projects.

A merit-driven process will be used to award the newly available high-speed rail dollars to projects that can deliver public and economic benefits quickly. A project’s ability to reduce energy consumption, improve the efficiency of a region’s overall transportation network, and generate sustained economic activity along the corridor are among the selection criteria. Applications for the additional high-speed rail money will be due on April 4, 2011.

There is no mention if the monies will be split up or handed out in one lump sum.

You can find the FRA announcement here:

There are last ditch efforts to bring the cities of Tampa, Lakeland, Orlando, and Miami together and attempt to circumvent Florida Govn. decision.  But, this could still be stopped as the area for the HSR are controlled by the State DOT.

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

City of Barstow, CA Fact Sheet on DesertXpress


The City of Barstow has published its own "impacts" that are estimated for the City and residents if the Desert Express project moves forward.  City of Ontario, CA. released their support for the MAGLEV project last week.  Also the City of Helendale (20 miles SW of Barstow and not connected to Interstate 15) is also considering opposition to Desert Express.

Remember that it has been proposed that the MAGLEV will have a a stop and including a maintenance campus somewhere within the City of Barstow (unannounced location).  Desert Express will not have a stop in Barstow.  It will only have the (2) stops Victorville and Las Vegas.  The MAGLEV will have stops at Las Vegas, Primm, Barstow, Ontario, and Anaheim.

You can find the City of Barstow announcement here:

Also the OCTA supports MAGLEV as well.

More and more City's are joining the MAGLEV movement and continue to ask hard questions like, maintenance, or why use a non-HSR wheel contact train that takes almost twice the time for it (DX) to reach Victorville vs. the MAGLEV to travel an additional 87 miles all the way to Anaheim with an extra stop in Ontario.

Don't forget Desert Express only serves the LAS airport.  MAGLEV serves, JWA (small bus transport to jwa), ONT right at the airport, proposed Ivanpah expanded LAS airport. and LAS.  

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Minor ARTIC update

The City of Anaheim and OCTA in February announced its continued support of the ARTIC project.

You can find the posting here:

They also announced that they have narrowed down the (11) vendors to (3)  ETFE building and (4) curtain wall vendors.  The project is anticipating awarding in July 2011 and the general construction project for the remaining parts awarded the following year.

You can find out more information on the station building here:

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NBA Anaheim Royals possibility

Another entertainment possibility that further entices and secures the ARTIC area will be the place to be for almost the entire year for sports fans.  NBA Basketball might be coming to the Honda Center across the street from the ARTIC.

The OC Register is reporting that a Nevada LCC has filled a name with the trademark and patent offices for rights to both the "Anaheim Royals and the Los Angles Royals."  The Sacramento Kings (NBA) are owned by the Maloof family.  However, no comment was made to the OC Register. 

NBA Kings trademark Anaheim Royals


It's reasonable to assume the NBA Kings would change their name for marketing reasons if they moved to Anaheim, because the NHL Kings are in the same Southern California TV market.
The franchise joined the NBA as the Rochester Royals in 1949 and remained the Royals when team moved to Cincinnati in 1957. It changed its name to Kings when the franchise moved to Kansas City in 1972 and remained Kings when it moved to Sacramento in 1985.
A spokesman for Anaheim Arena Management, the Henry Samueli-owned company that runs Honda Center for the City of Anaheim, declined comment on the report Wednesday night
You can read the entire story here..

The Honda Center website news section does not have any press releases about the possible move of the team.

Here are the time frames for Sports in the Anaheim area:
Baseball (Angles) April - October
Hockey and Basketball (Ducks, Royals?) November - April

The ARTIC area will be busy with just this part of sports.  Keep in mind this does not include convention center, disneyland resort, area vacationeers, and workers.

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Monday, March 14, 2011

California/Las Vegas Airfare Wars

While this post doesnt have any direct relation to the MAGLEV but, in a way it does.  Over the past few weeks there have been a rash of short-haul pricing wars with flights leaving the LA area going to LAS.

  • Southwest has been selling fares for $30 one-way with round trip after taxes and totals to about $80.00
  • Allegiant, American, US Air fought back with total costs of $55 round trip.
  • Spirit undercut them all with $1.00 fares* only on Tues/Wed, after taxes just shy of $40.00 for round trip.  *(however, we could only find fares for $10.01)
    • Spirit also has recently announced a new flight schedule between LAX and LAS. 11:15/14:15/18:50/22:00. With additional flights on the weekends. 
So with these recent airfare wars going on, it will be interesting to see how the Maglev ticketing will need to react to these wars.  However, keep in mind with the Maglev being able to leave every 10 min or so, theres no need to worry about when or if you will be late getting through security.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

City of Ontario supports MAGLEV denounces DesertXpress

The CA/NV Maglev project has posted on its FB page that the City of Ontario California has offically announced its support of the Maglev project and denounced the DesertXpress project.  Here is just a small sample of the support the City of Ontario has for the MAGLEV project.  

(Go down to page seven.)

Don't forget that the City of Barstow, and Helendale are against the DX project as well.

There has been lots of movement forward the past few weeks showcasing how different the two projects are.  People are asking questions how can anyone truly support a project that its only stop is in Victorville, with a so called "future expansion" to Palmdale.  

DesertXpress does not utilize any airport connections, Maglev supports the new proposed Primm airport, Ontario airport, and is only a few miles away from both LAS and JWA.  

DesertXpress will take longer to travel: DX (Victorville to Vegas) vs. MAGLEV (Anaheim to Vegas) a 78 mile + shorter time difference in favor of MAGLEV.  

If you want to see the proposed times MAGLEV vs. Airplane (estimated in the year 2008):

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Possible MAGLEV from Orlando Airport to Walt Disney World?

We found this story from the Tampa Bay Business Journal on Friday.  
Regarding trains in Florida, magnets could attract bullets
Date: Friday, March 4, 2011, 5:19pm EST

Former state Sen. Jim Sebesta says that within 90 days a private company will announce plans for a maglev (magnetic levitation) rail line between Orlando International Airport and Disney World.
He made the prediction during a Friday panel discussion at Bay News 9 in the wake of what appears to be the end of the proposed high-speed train between Orlando and Tampa.

Early Friday, the Florida Supreme Court upheld Gov. Rick Scott’s decision to refuse $2.4 billion in federal money to build the line. Later in the day Scott welcomed President Obama to Florida as Air Force One arrived in Miami.

Just 13 months ago Obama traveled to Tampa to announce the first $1.25 billion installment for high-speed rail. On Friday, he toured a Miami school touting education reform with former Gov. Jeb Bush, another rail opponent.
You can’t make up stuff like this

However, this isn't the first time that MAGLEV has been discussed covering the Orlando Airport (MCO) to Walt Disney World (WDW).
Way back in March 1992 there was a "working paper" from the Institute of Urban & Regional Development  at Univ. of California Berkeley that discussed such options of the Anaheim to Las Vegas and to bring MAGLEV directly to the Central Florida area.
The Florida Magneteic Levitation Demonstration Project route travels 20 miles between the 
Orlando airport and the EPCOT Center at Disneywor|d, with no stops in between (see Figure 3).  Speeds up to 250 mph will be achieved, with an average travel time of seven minutes over a single guideway. Ticket prices are $9.00 and $12.00 (1988) one way.  Tickets may be purchased directly as a part of air fare or hotel reservation

Integration with other transportation systems is not a great issue with such a short route. 
Automobile access is assured at the airport and Disneyworld, as well as access to local taxis and shuttles.  However, the route could be expanded, and there are several other transportation systems under consideration in the area. There are proposals for several people-mover systems nearby, and the Florida High Speed Rail Transportation Commission 
is currently examining the use of conventional rail for a high-speed rail system in Florida. 

Figure 3
It was rumored from a "old Disney Cast Member fable" that the reason why EPCOT has the land for such a lager parking lot (currently 11,390 spaces) was due for this very project.  That the EPCOT (with its name Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow) parking lot was to become a larger transportation hub like its sister at the TTC (Transportation Ticket Center) at the Magic Kingdom.  The route from the airport had been selected and almost secured.


(About 22 miles away from Orlando International Airport MCO)

The route from the (417 toll road) goes right into the backside of EPCOT.  However, almost overnight... the project never happened and disappeared as fast as Mickey Mouse can wave his wand.

What makes this even more interesting is that with the recently Dead FL. HSR project.  Walt Disney World was even offering land (50 acres) for its own station.  Could this land offer still be on the table?

We will keep our "EARS" open on this forward movement.

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