Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Alaska Airlines ditches paper flight manuals for iPads

This article has NOTHING to do with Maglev other than future speculation and remote possibility of Maglev staff etc... to use some sort of "ipad" to assist with train schedules, maintenance, passenger lists, etc...

Within the press release (Alaska Airlines) will save 2.4 million sheets of paper and an added weight savings of 50 lbs!

Enjoy the future possibilities...

Alaska Airlines ditches paper flight manuals for iPads

The iPad has already gotten the go-ahead from the FAA as a replacement for paper flight charts and maps, and now Alaska Airlines has become the first major US airline to hop on board the paperless bandwagon. While it's not quite ready to ditch paper navigation charts just yet (though that is under consideration), the airline has announced that it will be replacing its traditional flight manuals with iPads, which will be loaded up with the GoodReader app and PDFs of 41 different manuals and other materials. According to the airline, that change will result in savings of about 2.4 million pieces of paper, and it says the cost of the project will be offset by fuel savings from the reduced weight, and additional savings that are expected from "fewer back and muscle injuries caused by pilots carrying flight bags," which can weigh up to 50 pounds. Let's just hope those newly lightened flight bags still have room for a charging cable.
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Alaska Airlines Pilots Go Lean and Green With iPads

First major domestic airline to use iPads to replace flight manuals

SEATTLE, May 27, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- As part of an ongoing effort to use technology to enhance flight safety, improve efficiency and protect the environment, Alaska Airlines is issuing iPad tablet computers to its pilots. The 1 1/2-pound iPads replace up to 25 pounds of paper flight manuals that pilots are required to carry when they fly.

The iPads are being distributed to all Alaska Airlines pilots, a process that will be complete by mid-June. This follows a successful trial by 100 line and instructor pilots and Air Line Pilots Association representatives, who evaluated the feasibility of using iPads as electronic flight bags this past winter and spring.

Alaska Airlines is the first major domestic airline to use the iPad to replace paper manuals.

"We've been exploring the idea of an electronic flight bag for several years, but never found a device we really liked," said Gary Beck, Alaska Airlines' vice president of flight operations. "When the iPad hit the market, we took one look at it and said this is the perfect fit."

The iPads contain an app called GoodReader that is loaded with PDF versions of 41 flight, systems and performance manuals, reference cards, and other materials. The electronic manuals include hyperlinks and color graphics, enabling pilots to find information faster and easier. Updating these reference materials can now be accomplished with one tap on the iPad screen instead of the former, labor-intensive process of replacing individual pages with new ones. The iPad is considered a Class 1 electronic device, meaning it is stowed during takeoff and landing under Federal Aviation Administration regulations.

In conjunction with replacing paper manuals, Alaska Airlines is exploring the replacement of paper aeronautical navigation charts with electronic versions on the iPad, eliminating the need for every pilot to carry their own copy. The two initiatives, dubbed "Bye, Bye, Flight Bag," will save about 2.4 million pieces of paper.

The cost of the project is expected to be offset by lower paper, printing and distribution expenses and reduced fuel consumption as some weight is removed from the aircraft. Further savings are expected from fewer back and muscle injuries caused by pilots carrying flight bags that can tip the scales at 50 pounds or more fully loaded.

Note to media: A high-resolution photograph of an Alaska pilot with the iPad on the flight deck of a Boeing 737 is available in the airline's online newsroom image gallery at www.alaskaair.com/newsroom.

Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air, subsidiaries of Alaska Air Group (NYSE: ALK), together serve 90 cities throughout Alaska, the Lower 48, Hawaii, Canada and Mexico. For reservations, visit www.alaskaair.com. For more news and information, visit the Alaska Airlines/Horizon Air Newsroom at www.alaskaair.com/newsroom.

SOURCE Alaska Airlines


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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New stop spotted for ARC line from ARTIC?

While visiting some links that we visit we noticed a change to the aconnext.com ARC route map.

Previously the ARC route only had (4) stops: Convention/Resort (logo changed from castle to palm tree), Triangle, and ARTIC.  Now included is Haster St.  

You can see the prior changes and station stops here:

This is an interesting location for stop as the resort stop is a just around the corner and to the East of Disneyland.

Please keep in mind that no press announcements has been released yet for this new station.

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Proposed Sports complex looking to exist with DX Vegas Station


The Las Vegas Review Journal is reporting today that the vacant site across from the Mandalay Bay and I-15 may now have a proposed (3) stadium complex (hosting the 51's...Las Vegas AAA Baseball team, and a NBA team), and possibly as well the DX Vegas Station.

However, DX is not commenting as they are awaiting to hear from the FRA for the final OK's to the train environmental reports.  DX also has identified land near the RIO hotel and casino as a possible station as well.

Please view the LVRJ.com story below:


There are also previous concerns (within the FRA environmental reports) that this location wouldn't be approved anyways due to the height restrictions for McCarren airport, and the crossing of I-15 with elevated train tracks.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sahara Station LV Monorail Details


Sadly but true, the Las Vegas Sahara Hotel and Casino has closed its doors.  So, how do I get to "the strip" if the last hotel on the monorail line is closed?  

It's not closed, the Sahara station is still operational, you just have to walk to strip via street.

According to the Las Vegas Monorail website:
The Sahara Station can be accessed via street level escalators/elevators and stairs at Sahara Ave. / Paradise Rd. 

We wish the Sahara best wishes and for its former employees!  Heres a $5.00 toke for ya!  

Good Night, Jewel of the Strip!

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Monday, May 16, 2011



We thought it would be time to look at youtube to see what new movies are out there showcasing the MAGLEV system.

Heres one we like it shows the opposite side of the switch at the Maglev test site in Lathen.  And the Maglev coming through the switch at high speed.  This is an older video with a (3) cab TR08 running.

Heres a view of the Maglev train moving from the station at Lathen and a few high speed passes.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

ARTIC Contractor Presentation (May 5, 2011)


ARTIC has released its powerpoint (pdf) slides (all 103) from the Contractor Outreach for the shell and enclosure!

(this is a huge file, so it will take a minute or two to download...)

Here are some of the photos from the presentation.  All photos (c) ARTIC.
Public Hall Level 1 (looking towards Angels Stadium)

(3d view of Revit Model)

ARTIC also announced the following dates:

Bids Due: June 21
Contract Awarded: July 12
NTP Pre-construction phase: July 19
Construction Phase: May 2012
Completion: March 2014

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

CA/HSR Grapevine route might end proposed DX expansion


Please keep in mind that this article is an inquiry into how much cheeper it would be to move the CAHSR line from Lancaster/Palmdale (with the possible DX connection expansion station) to the "Grapevine/Ventura/Santa Claritia" area. 

Please view the entire story at the link provided:

Return of Proposed Grapevine High-Speed Rail Route Could Threaten Connection to Las Vegas [Updated]

by Ed Fuentes  on May 4, 2011 6:05 PM
The proposed Bakersfield to Palmdale to L.A. route | Map via CAHSR
(The proposed Bakersfield to Palmdale to L.A. route | Map via CAHSR)
Hop onto the California High-Speed Rail Authority's website and you'll see that the routewhisks passengers between Los Angeles and Bakersfield with a between in the Antelope Valley. Now an older plan to run the train over the Grapevine has resurfaced, threatening a key transportation connection and a city protesting.
Minutes before a Wednesday hearing held in Sacramento, California High-Speed Rail Authority spokesperson Rachel Wall said the request to review studies of the I-5 route through the Grapevine was a budget precaution. "We are asking the board to approve a look at it," she explained.
The Grapevine route, first shelved in 2005 due to projected costs from tunneling and seismic risks, is now countered by time travel estimates.
Keeping in mind that the proposed (e220) West/East freeway linking Antelope Valley with Victorville also will have either HSR and or Metrolink ROW in the median of the freeway. 

It will be interesting to see if DX, Victorville, Palmdale/Lancaster will "join forces" to keep the connections possible of the (2) lines. 

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

ARTIC (Anaheim Station) requesting Artists for project


Lots of news from ARTIC in the past few weeks!  Looks like this project is going to start up soon.

ARTIC is now requesting (RFQ...request for qualifications) for ARTISTS to sculpt pieces in the station and the surrounding "outside station public garden areas."  

If you know of an artist who is looking for work... here are all the details.

(ARTIC Artist One sheeter)
http://www.articinfo.com/PDF/Artist ARTIC_5_1_11 FINAL.pdf

(RFQ...request for qualifications) Guidelines

(Webinar information session MAY 18 @ 1300)

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Monday, May 2, 2011

ARTIC anticipating an "open house" this summer


From ARTIC (Anaheim Station) FB page, they hinted at a possible summer public informational sessions.

No dates were released.

We assume it would be AFTER the contractor award gets announced.

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Vegas residents "crapping out" on DX route


Over last weekend reps from the DX train system talked to residents about the possible route DX will take coming into Las Vegas.  Keep in mind this is coming from the recent EIR for DX and depending on the route it takes might need to be elevated near the airport, cross busy I-15 near Mandalay Bay.

From the Las Vegas Sun

Thursday, April 28, 2011 | 2:50 p.m.
Plans for a high-speed passenger train from Southern California to Las Vegas are attracting concern from property owners along what could be the last few miles of the 185-mile route to Sin City.
A representative of DesertXpress Enterprises told about 50 neighborhood residents at a town advisory board meeting Wednesday that federal approval for a route for the $6 billion project between Las Vegas and Victorville, Calif., is expected soon.
Company lawyer Greg Gilbert says once the Federal Railroad Administration decision is published, DesertXpress will begin finalizing Las Vegas-area routes.
An environmental study puts the route roughly along Interstate 15, with stops at Russell Road and Flamingo Road.
The Las Vegas Sun reports the non-profit Dean Martin Rural Neighborhood Preservation Association is raising concerns about neighbors' property values.


This also ties into an additional story from Las Vegas local News Station 13 about residences protesting the DX project.

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) – The DesertXpress high speed rail project is supposed to create new revenue and clean energy jobs for Southern Nevada.
But now, there's outrage over the proposed route.
Electric trains running from California to Las Vegas sounds like a sure bet to boost tourism. But for homeowners living along the I-15 freeway, it sounds like a drop in their property value and their way of life.
The Kettering's rural southwest Las Vegas home sits hundreds of feet from I-15, near the Southpoint Casino. But it's a space that could soon be filled with tracks and high speed trains.
"2006 is when they started on it," says Jim Kettering. "We were notified about it two weeks ago."
Jim and Eileen feel their neighborhood is being railroaded by DesertXpress, a high speed rail project between Victorville, California, and Las Vegas.
Reporter: How do you feel this thing has been handled?
But it's not a secret that the project is a go; Nevada Senator Harry Reid announced the environmental approvals on March 25.
But the Ketterings say they didn't find out where the local rails might go until a DesertXpress official recently met with their neighborhood association.
The first proposal is downtown, along existing railroad tracks. The second is along the I-15 near the Rio All-Suite Hotel-Casino. And the other route would run from Dean Martin Drive and Cactus down to Wigwam.
At a cost of $75 per one-way ticket, the Ketterings question the light rail's financial sense.
"So a round trip for two people would be $300 dollars," says Eileen. "That's a lot of money they could be spending in the casinos."
The couple also questions a $6.5 billion project that's already applied for federal loans.
"The monorail we have, you know, isn't self-sufficient," Jim argues. "And I'm just concerned something like this wouldn't be self sufficient either in the long run."
A spokesperson for DesertXpress released a statement that claims residents' concerns can't be answered yet, "as we are waiting for the Federal Railroad Association to issue the record of decision which determines the final argument of the project.
Also, at last months APWA (american public works association) NEVADA held a conference for all (3) train systems to present their projects.  CA/NV Maglev and X-train presented however, the DX project cancelled at the last minute.

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