Sunday, December 27, 2009

The ROUTE! Interstate 15... Anaheim to Vegas

Here is the proposed route and the lengths of time it will take from Anaheim to Las Vegas once the entire route is built.
The first phase of the route will be from Primm Nv. to Las Vegas. Then the route will go into California via/Ontario, then Anaheim to the new ARTIC station across the street from the Anaheim Angels and the Honda Center. We will talk more about the ARTIC station in a future post.
"The first forty miles will start at the proposed Primm/Ivanpah International Airport that will be built and start accepting passengers by 2018. Then the project will be extended to Ontario then to Anaheim."
Details on where exactly the Las Vegas station will be built have not yet been released. However one can assume that the logical location of the station would be at the McCarran Airport. Thus linking 2 states, 3 airports, and 2 major tourist locations.
Can you imagine boarding the MAGLEV in Anaheim and arriving in Las Vegas...covering 286 miles in only 86 minutes!
Keep flying on the ground!
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