Sunday, March 14, 2010

ARTIC posts updated boards from 2/24 public meeting


ARTIC (Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center) has posted some updated boards from the February 24th public scoping meeting.

You can see the size of the ARTIC station.  Its been proposed that the CA/NV Maglev will follow the Santa Ana River bed (to the right of the screen).  The area above Anaheim stadium is the other part of the station that will cover the California High Speed Rail/AMTRACK~METROLINK/ARC (Anaheim Rapid Connection).

This is the proposed projected effected areas that will be next to the ARTIC station.  If you follow Katella to the left Disneyland is only 4 miles away, and both the Honda Center and Anaheim Stadium are very short walks from the ARTIC station.  (Wonders if they will have NEVADA FAN NIGHTS).

You may be wondering so Im at Anaheim but, how am I going to get to Disneyland?  Hence the ARC (Anaheim Rapid Connection).  The City of Anaheim is proposing two ideas that they will be narrowing down (At grade rapid transit) BUS or (elevated fixed guideway) Automated people mover, monorail, low speed maglev.

From the California High Speed Rail site you can make out renderings of the monorail in the ARTIC station.

It should be noted that Disneyland has NOT announced ANY plans to build, supply any monorails or equipment or real estate to the project including Cast Members (Disneylands word for employees) to operate such line.

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