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E220 route and High Dessert Corridor to Victorville SCLA

Readers please keep in mind that we have not been able to find any current information on this project if it is continuing or is stalled due to budget:  This article is from 2008 and just shows all the planning required for a project this size.

DesertXpress to Vegas moves forward

2008-08-01 17:00:37

VICTORVILLE — Plans for DesertXpress — a privately-funded, high-speed train from Las Vegas to Victorville — continue to move forward, though at a slower speed than originally projected.

The train will cover roughly 200 miles over newly built track at a top speed of 125 mph. It will drop visitors in Vegas in just over an hour and cost $110 round-trip, according to Tom Stone, president of DesertXpress.

Mayor Terry Caldwell said the project is expected to create roughly 2,000 to 3,000 jobs, in customer service and at the adjacent train maintenance and repair facility.

The project is awaiting approval under an Environmental Impact Statement, began in July 2006 by the Federal Railroad Administration, according to spokesperson Steve Kulm. Though the city originally hoped to have the draft EIS in September 2007, Kulm said he expects the study to be complete by the end of this year or early 2009.

“I am not aware of any major environmental issues at this point,” Caldwell said. The project primarily uses existing rail or freeway right-of-ways along Interstate 15.

Kulm said DesertXpress originally submitted insufficient data for the EIS and that they had to request further details, which delayed things a bit.
The terminal itself is planned as a luxury development, with a promise that visitors will start their Las Vegas experience in Victorville.

“MGM and the Bellagio and all the major hotels would have a miniature replica of their hotel’s front desk at the station,” Caldwell said.

Passengers can then check into their hotel, purchase show tickets and check their bags at the terminal, with staff delivering luggage directly to the hotel room.

The terminal will also generate tax revenue, relieve traffic congestion on the I-15 and open up the northeast portion of Victorville for upscale development, Caldwell said.

In addition to plans for the train, Victorville is simultaneously developing plans for an upscale, master-planned community in the surrounding Northern Triangle. It is planned to cover upwards of 5,000 acres bordered by the Mojave River and the I-15, a large portion of which will be acquired by Victorville through a land swap in the works with CEMEX cement company.

Though the concept for this community was in the works before the city become involved with the train project, Caldwell said the two are a perfect marriage.

Also in the works — in a separate but complementary project — is the E220 High Desert Corridor, providing a transportation link between the Antelope Valley and Victorville. Though the roadway is being developed primarily to provide an alternate route to transport goods from Los Angeles to the High Desert and beyond, it will also lead Los Angeles visitors to the train’s terminal.

The DesertXpress itself also includes plans for a possible future extension to Los Angeles.

Keep in mind that doing some research on the E220 (freeway/(possible toll road) might have to share the route with the possible Palmdale expansion.  (Also note that the alignment for the Xpress Palmdale expansion, the CHSR station in Palmdale have yet to be released.)

(E220 Route 50th St. East Palmdale to Victorville)

(SCLA...Southern California Logistics Airport and the E220)

(Distance between SCLA and the 2 proposed Victorville Xpress stations)

There are two videos that discuss the project to the high desert corridor that involves the use of the Southern California Logistics Airport (SCLA).  This was an old Air Force Base that the land has been given back to the community. The Airport along with the corridor is attempting to sell its self as a Cargo distribution center where freight would be shipped via train from the Long Beach area ports to Victorville (SCLA) then routed via truck (North and East).

(keep in mind MAC users...these videos are .avi)

(There are also route maps that show the possible alignment of the E220 connecting to the SCLA)

(In digging around the FRA website I found the section of proposed routes for the Xpress, station locations, etc).
The link shows the possible placement of the Victorville Station which ends at the E220!

Here are the proposed station locations for Victorville. 
(Hope they add sound abatement for the homes next to the curve coming from Palmdale)!!!

If you want to see the entire Xpress listing to the FRA....

The Maglev project has yet to announce its location for the Barstow/Victorville station location.

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