Monday, August 9, 2010


[ed note]

There has been a growing trend lately with a newspaper company that is both available online and in a newspaper rack around town suing bloggers over re-posting of exact articles and website links while also quoting the author.  (Not that anyone else can create a Google search of News articles and read the same article within Google).   Professionally we feel that this new growing trend is incorrect for all users of the internet and towards APA quoting and style formating rules for quoting an exact news source. We have been advised NOT to use said source for future postings.  We encourage all of our readers to view articles within that website on their own.

Let's move on!

We have sent a photographer to capture some shots of the areas around the ARTIC area, and of the areas surrounding the PRIMM, NV. area for the end of the "First Forty Miles" segment.  We will be posting these photos to the blog soon!  Also ARTIC has posted it's DRAFT of its EIR within its site...

There has not been a lot of MAGLEV news lately for the CA/NV project(s), as it appears that both Desert Xpress and the Ca/Nv Maglev camps might possibly waiting out and see what will new politics will be active come November.

*California/Nevada Maglev Facebook page
As of Tuesday morning the number of fans is at 1,995!  They have doubled their fan base in less time than it took to get 1,000 fans.

However, BRAZIL is moving forward and will be accepting bids soon to have either Maglev or HSR to be built and ready for the Olympics.  All of the German development teams (Transrapid, Max Bogel, etc...) have met last week to discuss the presentation bid for Brazil.

We came across this excellent video on YouTube that showcases all the elements of the Shanghai Maglev (Station exterior, tickets, turnstiles, security, and platform) including in window speed vs. distance.  (Please keep in mind this video was posted from 2008 however, for some reason it was floated up to our in box.)


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