Friday, October 22, 2010

FOUND! City of Barstow report to FRA AGAINST DX

It's been a busy month with press on both sides:  MAGLEV supporters in Las Vegas asking questions to the FRA regarding the DX report.

And DX coming out with a fancy new website (just in time) for the FRA to announce that the DX can now submit for Federal Backed Loans....
(wait a second....I thought DX didn't need Federal Money)...but that is ANOTHER subject for ANOTHER time.  

With all the press (during the FRA re-examining the DX EIR reports because they now want to build tunnels, and cross part of the Mojave National Forest, and other small items eg...increased db levels in Barstow) the the City of Barstow has made it known that it does not support the DX project and has hired a consulting firm to inform all of its residents of the negative aspects of the DX not stopping in Barstow.

Keep in mind that the MAGLEV project has always planned on stopping in BOTH Victorville and Barstow.  And is planning on a maintenance facility in Barstow.

We found today a link to the ENTIRE report that the consultant firm has sent to the FRA (on behalf of the City of Barstow) regarding questions about the DX project...(such as why... the MAGLEV project is not included in any of it's 'DX' EIR reports as a complementing/competing project).

Enjoy the link.  Be forewarned that its 9MB and 110 pages.

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