Thursday, November 25, 2010

Las Vegas Sun: New leaders = revival of maglev?

Heres an article posted today the Las Vegas Sun.  It does bring additional encouragement to the tracks....


With new leaders, a revival of maglev high-speed rail?

Issues await positions of Sandoval, Heck

By Richard N. Velotta (contact)

Thursday, Nov. 25, 2010 | 2 a.m.

We may soon learn how our newly elected officials in Carson City and Washington will side on issues that involve the big pillar of our economy, tourism.
For instance, how will Gov.-elect Brian Sandoval come down on the duel between competing high-speed train proposals to join Las Vegas with Southern California?
Maybe this tips his hand: He wants to retain Susan Martinovich as the head of the Nevada Transportation Department, where she has been working with the California-Nevada Super Speed Train Commission, which supports a magnetic-levitation transportation system. Outgoing Gov. Jim Gibbons supported maglev, too. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid also did at one time, but now he supports the more conventional DesertXpress high-speed train between here and Victorville.
While the maglev project languishes because the Federal Railroad Administration won’t answer the state’s or the American Magline Group’s calls, the federal agency was quick to find $1 million to begin environmental studies for the critical link between Victorville and Palmdale, Calif., that DesertXpress needs to complete the Las Vegas-L.A. route.
There are additional graphics within the Las Vegas Sun site.

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