Sunday, April 3, 2011

FRA (Final FEIS) location of DX items


We have found within the FRA website the links to all the DX ( environmental impact statement) items.  There are 30 days (from Friday, April 1...April Fools Day) to file final remarks about the project.

You can find the links here:

In trying to read some of the remarks and questions about the project, there are a few multiple remarks that are notable.

Part of the project will require (2) tunnels near Primm.  This is because the train cant traverse that segment of (I-15) but the MAGLEV can.  These (2) tunnels the longest will almost be an entire mile.

Part of the Segment coming out of California mountains near Primm, may need to traverse (around) one of the Solar projects near Primm.  See the photo at:

Also another remark plans on having the train come into the station be elevated to cross Frank Sinatra Blvd depending on the final location of the Vegas Station! 

Segment 6: Jean to Las Vegas, Nevada:
There are three alternative alignments in this segment. Alternative A would continue in the median of the I–15 freeway into the Las Vegas passenger station.  Alternative B would cross the I–15 freeway corridor from the east side to the west side and continue along the west side of the I–15 freeway corridor into the Las Vegas passenger station.  Alternative C would diverge to the east and generally follow the existing Union Pacific railroad corridor into the Las Vegas passenger station. To reach the downtown Las Vegas passenger station Alternative A would leave the median of the I–15 freeway corridor near OakeyBoulevard and diverge to the east to follow the Union Pacific railroad corridor to Bonneville Street.
Alternatives B and C would follow the west side of the I–15 freeway corridor and cross at Oakey Boulevard to the east to join the Union Pacific railroad corridor to Bonneville Street.


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