Sunday, May 8, 2011

CA/HSR Grapevine route might end proposed DX expansion


Please keep in mind that this article is an inquiry into how much cheeper it would be to move the CAHSR line from Lancaster/Palmdale (with the possible DX connection expansion station) to the "Grapevine/Ventura/Santa Claritia" area. 

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Return of Proposed Grapevine High-Speed Rail Route Could Threaten Connection to Las Vegas [Updated]

by Ed Fuentes  on May 4, 2011 6:05 PM
The proposed Bakersfield to Palmdale to L.A. route | Map via CAHSR
(The proposed Bakersfield to Palmdale to L.A. route | Map via CAHSR)
Hop onto the California High-Speed Rail Authority's website and you'll see that the routewhisks passengers between Los Angeles and Bakersfield with a between in the Antelope Valley. Now an older plan to run the train over the Grapevine has resurfaced, threatening a key transportation connection and a city protesting.
Minutes before a Wednesday hearing held in Sacramento, California High-Speed Rail Authority spokesperson Rachel Wall said the request to review studies of the I-5 route through the Grapevine was a budget precaution. "We are asking the board to approve a look at it," she explained.
The Grapevine route, first shelved in 2005 due to projected costs from tunneling and seismic risks, is now countered by time travel estimates.
Keeping in mind that the proposed (e220) West/East freeway linking Antelope Valley with Victorville also will have either HSR and or Metrolink ROW in the median of the freeway. 

It will be interesting to see if DX, Victorville, Palmdale/Lancaster will "join forces" to keep the connections possible of the (2) lines. 

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