Saturday, June 4, 2011

Proposed MAGLEV project Orlando Airport to Disney World needs 90 more days.


Remember back in March that former state Sen. Jim Sebesta was going to announce plans for a MAGLEV line within 90 days from MCO to Disney World just after the Florida HSR project got scrapped.

Well the 90 days have come and gone.  Mark Holan who originally wrote the article and contacted Jim Sebesta about the project and heres what he had to say.
Fast-rail prediction time frame expires 
Tampa Bay Business Journal - by Mark Holan 
Date: Thursday, June 2, 2011, 1:23pm EDT 
Mark Holan 
Staff Writer 

Former state Sen. Jim Sebesta wants another 90 days. 

On March 4 he predicted a private company would announce plans within three months for a 
maglev (magnetic levitation) rail line between Orlando International Airport and Disney World. 

The prediction, aired during a BayNews 9 panel discussion, came in the wake of the Florida 
Supreme Court ruling to uphold Gov. Rick Scott’s decision to kill the proposed high-speed train 
between Orlando and Tampa. 

“All I can say is there is stuff going on,” Sebesta said this week from his St. Petersburg home. “It 
is being worked on. Things are happening quietly behind the scenes.” 
Sebesta, a former state Senate Transportation Committee chairman, said he is working on the 
project as a consultant and is bound by a confidentiality agreement. 

“Nothing would warm my heart more that to announce to central Florida that it is on the way,” he 
said. “It’s a real estate development deal, make no mistake about that.” 

Talk of a maglev line between Disney and Port Canaveral, where the entertainment and leisure 
giant operates a cruise ship, has circulated for more than a decade. 

Disney’s press office in Orlando could not immediately comment. 

Tony Morris, president and CEO of American MagLev Technology Inc., which bid on earlier 
efforts to bring rapid rail transit to Florida, said his company is not involved in any negotiations.

Maybe Gov. Scott knows something, which may have influenced his decision to kill the bullet train. 
Orlando is still waiting for the governor’s decision on whether to move forward with SunRail. 

Maybe U.S. Rep. John Mica, the Orlando-based chairman of the House Transportation and 
Infrastructure Committee, figures into the mix. 

Maybe we will know more in the next 90 days.

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