Thursday, February 9, 2012

Nevada Rail Plan (meetings this week) in VEGAS!

{UPDATED}  From the CNIMP (Maglev Team) FB page....

The Nevada State Rail draft plan will be made available on the website by NDOT on Feb 13, after the Public Meeting. Everyone should review this draft and submit additional comments based on this document.

There were over 15 pages of comments received so far regarding input on the passenger rail projects. 100% of all related comments were strongly IN FAVOR of having a Maglev system to Anaheim, and 100% were strongly AGAINST having the DesertXpress system to Victorville."


If you can make to Vegas on (THIS MONDAY FEB. 13) the Nevada State Rail Plan has a public meeting from 15:30 to 18:30.  With a public question and statement period.  

We encourage everyone who can to go and support their voices for MAGLEV!

Heres the details and the website link.
Public Meeting – Las Vegas ( Feb. 13 )
Monday, February 13
3:30 – 6:30 p.m.
Desert Breeze Community Center
8275 Spring Mountain Rd.
Las Vegas

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