Thursday, June 7, 2012

Dear Readers:

Dear Readers:
As you may have noticed that there hasn't been a lot of new lately on the Maglev front.  We estimate that we won't see (unless something dramatic happens) any new updates on some of the projects until after the U.S. presidential elections later this year.  But, here are some bullet points on what is currently going on.

City of Anaheim and ARTIC have officially released to the public that they are seeking bids for the project.  On June 12, the City will hold a pre-bid conference in Anaheim.  Possible ground breaking 2012/13. You can find out more information here:

  • ARC
Connecting ARTIC to the Anaheim Resort Area (Disneyland and Convention Center).  Project is moving along with a pre-submital meeting took place in June.  You can find the slides from the presentation here:
  • CA-HSR
While this doesn't have any effect on the Maglev project High Speed rail will now continue all the way to Anaheim and the ARTIC station.  There was a brief possibility that the CA-HSR would stop at Union Station.  Project is still planning where the initial project will start.

  • DesertXpress
The DX project in late May had some negative publicity about the project, and its costs and the Federal Loan that the project is asking for.  The project is stalled waiting for its loan to be approved.  You can find the last posted news article about the project here:

  • CA/NV Maglev
No new updates from the Maglev camp as they are waiting as well for monies to complete its environmental and construction reports.  As these monies were pulled from the project as Sen. Reid changed camps to DX as he was a long time supporter of the project.

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