Thursday, October 11, 2012

ARC project considers streetcars???

ARC and the city of Anaheim are now considering using STREETCARS???

Check out this article from the OC register that the city council is now considering using streetcars instead of monorail (or elevated people mover) due to the cost.

However,  why would you want to look into streetcars when a people mover or monorail can move more people in a safer environment??

Check out these other designs for the route... would you want to compete with 2 other lanes of traffic and a light rail??

If the city of Anaheim and the ARC project want to do something right for the future then they should look at the Linimo maglev... High Speed Surface Transport... check out the photos and a video.

Look at the lowered long term costs of the Shanghai Transrapid Maglev.  99.8% on-time rate with reduced labor and maintenance costs already found in only a few years of operation.  What train line can offer that??

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