Monday, July 5, 2010

Maglev Movie Monday!

We hope you had a safe 4th of July weekend.  Not a lot of news this past week for the maglev as the funding announcements from the FRA have not yet been announced.  (supposed to be announced late June). So, we thought it would be a great time to search around youtube for some Maglev videos.

Here are some videos featuring the new TR 09, POV drivers seat view, and some from China.

Drivers View

Transrapid Test Facility (Emsland) w/ POV segments

Transrapid 09 (with Techno music)

Overhead Transrapid 09 (possibly in testing mode...seems slow)

Transrapid Overview  (see the skeleton levitate) 
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Transrapid 09 site overview part 1 (see the fast track switch)

Transrapid 09 site overivew part 2

Girls get scared on Maglev train in Shanghai

Telegent mobile TV on Maglev in Shanghai...(wish we would get this in the US)

Keep Flying On The Ground!
Ca-NV Maglev News