Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Photos of Chinas fastest Train and Station


A link was sent to us regarding Chinas advancement in HSR's.  Well we have a link to the story and few photos to go along with it.

The article briefly mentions the Maglev in China but, focuses on traveling across China via HSR overnight and the cost of train (lower) vs. (air).

"China already boasts the world's fastest train: the Maglev that bullets from Shanghai's Pudong airport to the city centre - covering 30 kilometres in just eight minutes at an average speed of 430km/h. Within a decade, it's hoped that this will be more or less the norm.

Every 10 minutes or so, rapid-fire inter-city trains depart here for Tianjin, the 120-kilometre trip taking just 30 minutes.
I boarded the D55 to Qingdao, home of the famous Tsingtao beer and a launch pad to South Korea by ferry. Like the best trains in Europe, it was sleek, comfy and fast, (covering 888 kilometres in just over five hours and costing 275 yuan). Classical Chinese music was played over the carriage speakers and the toilets were super clean.
Anyone who visits China and merely plies the routes from Shanghai Airport or Beijing South may think the Chinese have already cracked the art of 21st-century rail travel. They haven't. The network is a work in progress, however, things are heading in the right direction."

We really like this arched station design!  Looks like there will be more than enough room for all the mass flow of riders and the ceilings will be able to carry all that noise above the clouds.  The ARTIC station in Anaheim should borrow a few ideas from China for its station.

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