Thursday, September 8, 2011

Transrapid Lathen Testing Site gets money?

There have been some articles the past few days about the Transrapid testing site in Lathen Germany.  First an article that said "some money for Transrapid, but within the money had to propose how to shut down the site." Then a second article that said, "no money for Transrapid, period." Then a third article that said, "yes, there is money for Transrapid and the site will continue to operate for the promotion of the product."

However, due to all these articles (some coming from political one sided views) and all being in German.  It has been difficult to understand exactly what is being said within the translations and hearing directly from the location.  We are trying to get more information as to the exact status of the project and will post it here when we get it.

But, we will post the last article with it's google translation with promise of monies to the facility because it has a kinda current photo of the TR09 train on the track from 2010.

Connemann "Transrapid floats on"

The CDU Bundestag member contradicts a report by "Business Week".The statement of the magazine, which was imminent from the test section was wrong. Lathen'm ready for money, says the Leeranerin

Keep Flying On The Ground! 
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