Monday, September 26, 2011

Ivanpah Basin and PROPOSED McCarran Airport Expansion page.


If you ever wanted to know about all the SOLAR projects happening in both the Ivanpah and San Bernadino areas we have found the site for you!

There are some great photos INCLUDING AERIAL of the project area and some updates...
We first linked to this Solar project back in December 2010.  There is no mention and we dont have any updates if either DX or MAGLEV will tap into these power-plants for additional needed power.  Also there is still no word if DX will follow I-15 or have to go around the solar project.  They also cover the areas for solar near Boulder City, Nv.

IVANPAH (McCARRAN Expansion) AIRPORT (proposed)
There are a few links from this page that cover the proposed... (now on hold) the McCarran Airport that would follow the I-15 freeway.  The Blue Area is airport area.  You can follow this (If ever re-started) here:

You can also find a layout of the proposed airport here:

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