Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Transrapid connecting Dallas to Fort Worth?

The stories are all over the German Newspapers today that there is heavy interest in having a Transrapid train running from Fort Worth to Dallas Texas.

Here is the English version of the story here (translated via Google).
LATHEN - The end of the Transrapid test track in Lathen (Ems) is sealed despite U.S. interest in the magnetic levitation technology. 

It was true that Lower Saxony's economics minister Joerg Bode (FDP) for a trip to the USA in Houston, recruited for the Transrapid, a ministry spokesman said on Wednesday. Thereupon, the Mayor of the city but only their general interest in the art for a connection from Houston to Dallas reaffirmed. 

The proposal itself is already one for the inauguration of U.S. President Barack Obama has developed idea. Do not give a call or have concrete plans, it said the spokesman in Hanover. 

The operating license for the test track in Emsland, expires at the end of October and will probably be extended until the end of the year, it said the ministry. In addition, there are the Confederation, but no financial commitments to support the continued operation of more. 


Unfortunately we can not find ANY English or Texas newspaper or T.V. station, or TxDOT website to confirm the story.  We will keep you informed if we find any additional confirming stories.

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