Wednesday, November 30, 2011

DX land approval, Victorville in default, Utah HSR, Maglev Snow


While the DesertXpress (DX) HSR (who has the proposed same route as the CA/NV Maglev project but, ends in Victorville, CA) is waiting to see if the FRA will grant its billion dollar loan to get the project started.  This article posted a few days ago about the approval from the BLM for the land needed for the DX project and is looking into the possibility of UTAH connecting to the DX HSR project.

DX/BLM approval story:

BLM's total acreage for permanent right-of-way along the 200-mile corridor consists of 821 acres of public land and an additional 95 acres for temporary construction. The project will also takeover 2,800 acres of private land.

Victorville default story:
**dont forget that the city of victorville is about to default on $5.3 million in loans for city expansion costs  (including the E220 freeway project as discussed in prior posts) ** this is where the DX station will end.

The westernhsr team would more than likely be the connecting team to the DX project.

Don't forget we posted back on Aug. 16 of this year the idea from a reader to the Vegas Inc website of where additional rail lines could be built from 183 miles (the same distance as the DX project).

Enoch, Ut. ~ population 3,467 ~ 3 sq. miles
>Stops along the way...
Mesquite, Nv. (population 14,800 ~ 15.6 sq miles)
St. George, Ut, (population 72, 897 ~ 64 sq. miles)
Cedar City, Ut. (population 20, 527 ~ 20 sq. miles) 

Also from our post of "How does Maglev - Maglev?" from the Transrapid website a flash video of Snow operations.  Especially in the southern area of Utah (south of Beaver to Cedar City are lots of hills and heavy snow drift areas).  Something that any HSR will need to consider during the winter months.

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