Monday, November 7, 2011

DX still denies interview requests for projects

Its been an interesting (2) weeks for the DX news front but, what is more interesting is that from a few press announcements DX continues to deny requests for interviews.  One would expect in an environment where a company is submitting for BILLIONS of tax payer Federal based loans, that it would freely offer interviews.

Heres the past weeks news about DX and the statements from DX.

Thursday, November 3
Vegas Inc. "DesertXpress wants suppliers to manufacture materials in Nevada and Southern California."
"Andrew Mack said DesertXpress is in the process of selecting its primary design, engineering and building teams and its rolling stock supplier and operator. Mack declined media interview requests after his presentation.

Thursday, November 3
8 News now  "Pitch Changes for High-Speed Train to California
By Nathan Baca, Reporter

DesertXpress hopes are pinned on southern California tourists.  Out of 40 million tourists who come to Las Vegas every year, 30 percent come from the Los Angeles area. Using the train from Las Vegas to southern California only saves passengers money if the line is extended to the California high-speed network planned for Palmdale. However, that proposal was hardly mentioned at Thursday's conference. A clear sign to many that the train is meant purely for bringing California tourists and their money to the Las Vegas Strip.
DesertXpress hopes to get its trains moving by 2016.  The company's chief operating officer declined 8 News NOW's request for an interview. [...]

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