Saturday, January 14, 2012

CA HSR route approved for Palmdale, DX connection, E220

Lots of HSR talk this week including this.  After reports last summer that the Antelope Valley (Lancaster/Palmdale) route vs. Grapevine/Gorman route would be too expensive for the CA HSR a new report has been released this week.  The report estimates that now the Antelope Valley route is now actually the better choice with a longer route (3 to 5 mins), less maintenance costs, and a possible $50M in ridership revenue.  

There is still talk about the master plan of connecting HSR to the DX with a expansion route from Palmdale to Victorville (DX station), primarily following the West/East (still in proposed planning stages) E-220 freeway.  (readers, dont forget that there are no proposed government submissions to bring the DX to Palmdale and the CA HSR).  As the article states "proposed connection.",0,2183342.story

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