Saturday, January 14, 2012

Last Transrapid test ride in Lathen

Yes it is true.  The test track for Transrapid has been shut down in Lathen Germany.  The last rides that went out were on November 28 for a "Spanish delegation" (the Tenerife project in Spain).

However, there are some great stats about the test track.
* Test Track opened in 1987
* 800,000 kilometers traveled = (497,097 miles) 
* The equator circumference of the Earth is 24,902 miles or 20 trips around the earth
* 170 mph on a 19.7 mile track = on average 21,613 miles tested each year
* 450 mph was achieved on June 10 1993
* Half a million visitors took tours in Lathen Germany where only 5,882 people live

* It will cost Germany $40M Euros to convert the test track to test non-contact charging for electric vehicles.

The closing of Lathen does not yet mean an end for Transrapid.

Other projects are still in planning stages:
* Tenerife Spain project is still a go, waiting for final green light.
* Swiss Rapide is in planning stages
* UK Ultraspeed is in planning stages
* CA/NV project is still a go, waiting for funds to approve final environmental
* Pittsburgh project has filled for re-structuring
* Atlanta to Chattanooga is in planning stages
* Baltimore/DC project ???

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