Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Nv. Congress Candidate Questions DX project.

This is a post from the Facebook page of California/Nevada Maglev Team.

There was an interview for Dina Titus (Candidate for Nevada Congressional District 1....(which covers all of the Clark County area) Nevada Newsmakers (a political Q&A type show).

Candidate Titus, was asked the question about her view about Sen. Reid and the DX project and the Richard Velotta article in Vegas Inc. 


Candidate Titus said that she was on the Ca/Nv Super Speed Train Commission for years, and even questioned the DX project against Reid, asking why only go half the way when you can go all the way to LA reaching more riders "one way to the other end and not stopping in the middle."   

She was also questioned about the $45 million that was earmarked for MAGLEV taken away by Sen Reid for the airport expansion.  

You can watch the video around the 13:00 mark.

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