Sunday, May 13, 2012

Magnetbahn forums! Maglev Information


Do you need to find EVERYTHING about MAGLEV (from high speed to low speed systems) you will want to check out Magnetbahnforums.

MAGLEV TR09 Posters.  
If you ever wanted a piece of MAGLEV history the Henschel-Museum in Germany is selling Posters of the TR09...breakaway views... Shanghai...etc.  Prices are in Euros... and dont include shipping.  (Please pardon the quality of the photos... they want to sell posters)

Transrapid within its site still has its Screensaver for Shanghai still available for download.  You can find the directions from the Magnetbahn forums in both GERMAN and ENGLISH (scroll down).  Unfortunately this is only available for PC, NO MAC download is available.  

Keep Flying On The Ground! 
Ca/Nv Maglev News

Keep Flying On The Ground! Ca/Nv Maglev News