Sunday, February 13, 2011

Maglev Movie Sunday


Here are (2) videos that we have come across.

Hyperspeed: Risk of Maglev Speeds

There are some unusual shots that are typically never seen in other videos including a great shot of underneath the switch track.  The video talks about going fast and how as we achieve these speeds in increases the need for safety.  It also has shots from the Maglev accident in Lathen when a service vehicle (a small diesel truck like vehicle on rubber wheels that drives on top of the track) was still on the track and due to human error did kill some coworkers and test riders. 

The next video is from 2009 and is on the return trip coming from the airport. Very rare.
Its still amazing that after 3:14 minutes the maglev has reached top speed!

Keep Flying On The Ground! 
Ca/Nv Maglev News