Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mention of Maglev & DX in Vegas Paper


On Feb. 6 a Las Vegas based newspaper article discussed different future construction jobs that are a "wish list" based upon Regional Transportation Commission general manager Jacob Snow.

The article (which we wont quote) mentions that if Commissioner Snow were to have his list of transit construction projects funded as of today, Nevada would be able to employ around 90k workers.  However, these jobs would be a total cost of $10B!

About half way down the article it also discussed the options of possible Maglev & DX construction.

You can find the article by googling (las vegas + road warrior + maglev)

[Editors Op] 
Commissioner Snow... you can get the Maglev project started TODAY by assisting with approving the $45 million that was legally set aside for this project that is still being held by the FRA.  Dont forget once this project has legs, the Chinese Export Import Bank has offered a loan (LOAN) for the ENTIRE (222 miles) project and not one cent will be collected until the first fare.  This ONE PROJECT is estimated to employ 90k workers. The (Anaheim) ARTIC station project will be built with or without the Maglev project!  Its up to you and the City of Las Vegas to assist with bringing in and sending tourist dollars to both states!

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