Sunday, February 20, 2011

NEW updates from OCTA for ARTIC project

OCTA's website has been updated with new board presentations from February 14.

There are 3 presentations, the one that appears to give all the information is the (M2 project T Funding guidelines.)

It appears that this was an update if project T can actually have funds to support moving the Amtrak/Metrolink station to the East.

There is also an 8 page updated powerpoint from the above OCTA link with the history of the project and what are the "next steps" for ARTIC.
  • Continue to secure contractor for Station shell.  (contract awarded summer 2011)
  • Finalize lease of land in Anaheim and OCTA
  • Final environmental
If you want a interesting read click on the OCTA link and select (PB/HOK Phase One Proposal Response...16MB) you will get a chance to see how far this project has come since 2009.

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