Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Not a lot of NEWS... So heres some more PIXS!

There has not been a lot of news this past week about Maglev(period).
Some web services are still posting the Las Vegas Sun article (covering Maglev/Xpress/Monorail) from the first of the year as a brand new posting... its making ink somewhere.
Here are some photos from the Magnetbahnforum where they are posting the Munich Airport TR 09 train at the Germany testing facility. This train was supposed to be for the Munich project and was on display at the airport until the project was closed. Because of the testing site accident they needed another train. The TR 09. This train has recently been OK by Germany government for private/public testing runs but, guests have to sit in the middle train and no one can roam the train while in motion. (One can assume that this is for building more time on the track and certifying for use.
*The Magnetbahn is a great forum and has lots of different photos, videos, and blog space about anything Maglev.*
Heres a great photo of how Grade level traffic can interact with the Maglev. Semi-Trucks, Campers and bicycles co-exist.
Here is a photo of the new interior...
Heres a great photo of the Maglev maintenance shop floor with the side wings exposed.
'Keep flying at the ground'
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