Saturday, January 23, 2010

THE ROUTE with Maps... In Color!

All right! There is a good portion of articles showing movement for the MAGLEV. I will take a few moments and showcase the route and estimated time of travel. Lets start from Anaheim and work our way North. In later posts we will look at each city and its demographics, and possible station locations.

(Please keep in mind all routes, station designs, ROW's, are proposals and are designed for Entertainment use.  Please contact the proposed routing companies for further information.)

(269 miles) 86 minutes

As you can see just North of Anaheim Stadium is the Metrolink station. If you follow the train line to the East (right of the screen) to the green switchbacks...the OCTA owns the section of land from the 57 freeway North to Katella Ave. It doesnt look like a lot of land but, how they will combine the Metrolink and some of the parking of Anaheim Stadium...(which will be a great plus for them) and how the possible elevated route to the Resort Area (Disneyland / Convention Center) will take place.

We will soon take a look at the entire ARTIC location and its plans for the future.

Anaheim is Ontario, CA.
40 minutes

This specific part of the route hasnt been released yet to the public. So we will give our best guest estimates on where the station will go. As the route from Anaheim could follow 2 different routes. the 57 Freeway North to the 60 Pomona Freeway East OR 57 Freeway to Riverside 91 East then make a left turn at Corona and follow the 15 freeway all the way. Both come close to the Ontario Airport.

Ontario to Victorville
Victorville you might recall has be receiving a lot of press lately especially from the Xpress camp as their starting point is Victorville and they are trying to drum up more support and more $$$ by talking about extending a spur line West to the city of Palmdale where the California High Speed Rail will be stopping.
One of the things to remember is this section will be the most interesting to watch being built as this is where the MAGLEV will be climbing 10 degree angles to climb the Cajon Pass into the high desert.

Victorville to Barstow

This section will be the quickest of the route as by car it only takes approximatly 45 minutes to get to Barstow from Victorville. Ontairo, Victorville and Barstow are big trucking towns with lots of Truck stops and transfer points for cargo. Especially cargo coming from LA and from Bakersfield.

Barstow, Ca to Primm, NV.
*Mileage from Barstow to Vegas
(154 miles) 45 minutes

It has been rumored that Barstow will be the maintenance facility for the Maglev system. Barstow has lots of train history and still has one of the "Harvey Houses" available for tours. Harvey Houses were restaurant and some had hotels for train travelers. But, they all had fabulous service...take some time a google Harvey House...very interesting story of History.
It will be interesting to see if they use areas near the train switching areas (just to the left of the "A") or outside of town for the facilities. This will also be the longest segment of the trip. This segment by car (with no accidents or traffic) can be travelled in roughly 2 hours. You can also see the 2 interstates (I-15 to Las Vegas and I-40 to Laughlin, NV.) combine into one. Imagine all that traffic on a get-away Friday night.

Primm, NV. to Las Vegas, NV.
(35 miles) 12 minutes

Somewhere out here will be the proposed (expected to open 2018) new Primm/Ivanpah Valley international airport. This is the first place the Californians can gamble and ironically the closest place for Nevadans to buy CA. lotto tickets. NV. does not have a lottery. There are 3 Casinos, the worlds largest (I think its now tied) roller coaster "the desperado", outlet mall, apartments for the Casino workers, and 2 gas station. Thats it.

Primm, NV. to Las Vegas, NV.

This will also be a interesting construction project to watch and how or IF they can get both the proposed extension Monorail project once they come out of bankruptcy, to connect and get more riders from LAS airport.
(if they can get the Cabbies to agree).

Keep flying at the Ground~
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