Friday, January 29, 2010

No Money for MAGLEV.....BUT???


I'm sure you have heard by now that there is a lot of confusion out there in the press about who is exactly to blame for the MAGLEV project not getting a single thin dime.  There are a few posts in the press that you should read (especially Nevadans) as are fed up with the lack of response from Senator Reid.  MAGLEV NEWS will not point any fingers (as there have already been enough pointing going on.)  We will let you decide what needs to happen.

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Wait, why is Senator Reid working along with the Govenator to get the California project money?  Shouldnt he be working for the State of Nevada since that is where his seat is?  And Im still confused that without any rail money for Nevada, yet the assumption is there that Nevada will get money ONCE the PALMDALE LINE is connected to Xpress.

  • (HSR) So, someone in the heart of LA (I-5, I-10, I-101, I-110)  (yeah there will be subway connectors but, you'll still need to park or get a ride to the station). for example will have to do the following to get to Vegas via Xpress.
    • Drive to downtown LA (leave car...scary).  **Pay fare** Take HSR to Palmdale.  Change trains,**Pay fare**  to Xpress.  Take Palmdale Xpress to Victorville, Change trains to Victorville Xpress to Vegas.  Imagine making these transfers on a late Sunday evening coming back from Vegas.
    • Oh, by the way... PALMDALE has not been submitted for any enviromental studies, and its not even proposed to START construction until 2014 (I read somewhere cant find the link.) 
  • (MAGLEV) Drive to Anaheim Station (I-5, 91 freeway East/West, 57 freeway North/south, I-405.
    • Board MAGLEV **Pay Fare** at ARTIC station (Anaheim Stadium).
    • Sit in same seat for 86 minutes covering 269 miles.
This next story is a great MAGLEV story...and its our hope that this spurs the movement further...

"Meanwhile, a magnetically levitated train from Las Vegas to Anaheim was cut out of Thursday’s funding. The government’s just getting started, however. 

“They’re going to invest a lot of money. They did $8 billion today. In the president’s FY11 Budget, there’s an additional $5 billion. The Senate version of the jobs bill has $2.5 billion.” "

"The DesertXpress plans to build using private investment and federal loans while getting past the Victorville issue. 

“I think that’s one of the challenges the DesertXpress is going to have to overcome. I think one of the challenges that the Maglev group is going to have to overcome – which they both are – is right of way, availability. They’re going to have to overcome… the Maglev in particular is going to overcome their alignment out of Anaheim.” 

"It may come down to which can actually break ground first because neither route is perfect. 
“The connection really should be L.A. to Las Vegas.”"

According to CNIMP (California/Nevada/Interstate/MAGLEV/Project) teams posting on Facebook...

California-Nevada Interstate Maglev Project 

Susan, thank you for your passionate support. Yes, most people believe that Reid did have the power to get us funding if he wanted to. But Governor Gibbons and his staff are not to blame. They have been working hard with us every day to try and get this project built and address these issues with the press. re have been several false statements presented as to why Nevada and CNIMP did not get any funding, but we are also working to correct these false claims.

If you want to convey your feelings to Senator Reid (BTW Nov 2 is the day to vote Nevada):

Also dont forget to take the FOX5 polling for Rail or Maglev:

Keep the chins up! 
And keep flying at ground level.
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