Sunday, January 3, 2010


Today I thought about posting some train photos of the MAGLEV train at the testing facilities in GERMANY and from the China project.
You will notice how the bottom part of the train (the grey parts) surround the track. It should be noted that this is where all the magnets and batteries (in case of electrical failure) the maglev can make it to its next station. It it hard to believe that the trains clearance to the track is only millimeters apart while traveling at speeds over 300km!
We will explore the trains magnetic specifics in a future post.
I came across this next photo and it shows off the angle and also the ground level to which the train can travel at. Same speeds at ground or above 15' off of the ground to allow vehicle traffic to pass underneath. Thus leaving ground level traffic uninterrupted.
In the next two photos this showcases the metal bending switch points, both straight and curved. The metal switch has sections like a rib cage and with extra support beams it helps with the bending of the switch.
And here are two photos from the China project. In this first photo you will be able to see the curvature in the track and also the switching point. In the background you can see that the building has the both the Chinese and German flags, so one can assume that this is the control building for the station.
Here's an awesome photo of how the MAGLEV works together with the freeways of China. The train is almost at grade level height.
Keep flying on the ground!
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