Monday, February 8, 2010

Construction Supports photos from China

While reviewing some photos of the beam construction, it got me thinking about how they built the beams in Shanghai.  So a little research and came across these terrific photos of the construction site, including the main station.  You can find all these photos at the following site:

*It should be noted that the construction processes for Ca/Nv project have NOT been announced yet.  These photos (this post and last) only provide insight into how it has been completed elsewhere.**

Support beams waiting for Guideway sections.

Guideway installation process.

Overhead crane operation.  

Station Construction

Almost finished!

Station Switch at BELOW ground level!

I love this photo!  The increasing grade (from ground level).  Also keep in mind...this is only 3 sections!  When the full route opens the train will be running 10 sections!


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