Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Desert Xpress letter to Vegas Construction Unions.


It looks like Desert Xpress (DX) has inquired to the Las Vegas construction unions to draft a agreement for the project.

(Find it here)

The DX team also in the letter reveals that there is a presentation on March 1.  (no location or a time) and (doesn't mention any presentations on its website)

Keep in mind that the Maglev team has presented to the associated General Contractors back on Friday, January 22.

(Find it here)
Editors note:
If Maglev does get government backing for the China loan... this will be a race as to who will get to Victorville and up and running first!  If they start on both ends (anaheim, vegas)  it will still be 5 years at least to have the full line up with paying passengers.

"Keep on flying on the Ground!"