Wednesday, February 3, 2010

MAGLEV gets OK from CHINESE backers...

Its been a few days since the announcement....(I havent been feeling well).  

So during the Jon Ralston interview... on Las Vegas channel 3.  The CNIMP team pulls this ACE card out of their sleeve.  If you haven't seen the video... It's block 3 on Feb 2.  (you have to scroll to the right).,5399

The Export/Import bank of China is willing to pony up (are you sitting down) $7B! For the project.

It does have a few guidelines that it has to meet (having the loan backed by the Federal Government) but, not all the details have been worked out.

This is a promising step forward... but there are a few more steps to be defined before shovel takes to ground.

Thats all the information we've got at the moment.  

Keep your fingers crossed for some more news soon!  If you haven't already, I would sign-up on the CA/NV maglev facebook page to keep up to-date!

Keep flying on the ground!
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