Wednesday, May 26, 2010

China Maglev offers 50 mbps upload during trip


The China Maglev last week had a demonstration of mobile broadband along the Maglev track.  Keep in mind, that your normal house DSL line averages 1 or 2 mbps download.  A search for 50 mbps for homeowners...Comcast offers 50-mbps connection for $140 a month.

Last week Huawei demonstrated their Long Term Evolution (LTE) mobile broadband set on the ultra-fast “maglev” train which reaches a maximum speed of 267 miles per hour. A trip from end to end on its magnetic levitation track that stretches for about 19 miles takes approximately seven minutes and 20 seconds.
According to Huawei, passengers will be able to enjoy maximum uplink speeds of 50Mbps with the LTE network installed along the track.
The demonstration showed that the LTE network connection on the train held an average speed of around 46Mbps when the train began to depart. The connection was successfully maintained with only a few dropouts when the train got to its maximum speed. But there was a dropout during the demonstration when another train passed by.

Imagine having this type of download speed during the 86 minute travel time from Anaheim to Las Vegas!
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