Sunday, May 9, 2010

FRA Seeks Applications for $115(M) in Planning & Construction


We came across a press release from the U.S. DOT this week, released in March for the FRA announcing an additional $115 Million Dollars available for planning and construction High Speed Intercity projects.  Applications are due May 19, with announcements in June.

FRA Secretary Ray LaHood last week visited the facility of Maglev Inc. which is planning a 54 mile, 5.2 Billion dollar line from Pittsburgh International Airport to Downtown Monoreville and Greensburg.

"Pittsburgh's maglev was passed over in the first round of $8 billion in federal high-speed rail grants in February. Another $2.5 billion in high-speed rail grants will be available in June, but those will require the state to contribute "matching funds" -- an obstacle given Pennsylvania's financial struggles.
U.S. Sen. Arlen Specter, who was on hand for the tour, earmarked $23 million for the project over the past decade. Another $28 million in grants was set aside in the last federal transportation bill but hasn't been released because the state has not yet shown it would contribute $5.6 million in matching money. PennDOT has a June 30 deadline to put up the money and a plan for spending the grant, said Federal Railroad Administration spokesman Rob Kulat."
You can find more information about the Pittsburgh project:
The Pittsburgh project also favors the Transrapid model trains.
In other news.... 
The CA/NV Maglev project will also need to "contribute matching funds" which it has done for prior funds but, has been overlooked.  The State of Nevada has had poor luck this past year with trying to receive funds from Washington for various projects.
“To be blunt about it,” said Nicholas Johnson, director of state fiscal policy for the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, “if Nevada wanted to capture more federal dollars, they should be cutting less and doing more on the revenue side and supporting those programs with a federal match.”

Lets keep our fingers crossed that everyone involved has dotted the 'i's" and crossed it's "t's."

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