Tuesday, May 4, 2010

NEW ANAHEIM area Transit site


We came across an update to the Anaheim (Disneyland / Convention) area and how its going to connect to the Artic project.  Within the website it states that the full web site will be up and running by spring of 2010.  (That should be any day now).

This will be an exciting project especially for Disneyland visitors.  As one of the stops might be across from the additional parking lot that Disneyland owns (the Pumba parking lot) (soon to become parking structure) on DisneyWay across the street from the Anaheim GardenWalk outdoor district.

Disneyland has yet to announce how much it will be involved with the project, but with the expansion project of Disney's California Adventure and new Cars themed land will further increase park attendance, resulting in increased vehicle traffic.  The ARC project with ARTIC station will help reduce vehicles and move visitors back and forth across Anaheim to California High Speed Rail and the California Nevada Maglev Project.

Here are some screen shots from the web page.  

Theres not much within the website right now, but as the Anaheim project becomes completed riders will be able purchase tickets, timetables, etc...

Please visit prior postings to find out additional information about the ARC project.

In other ARTIC news.  
ARTIC has posted bids for proposals to achieve LEED status.  The Due date was April 5 with the contract being awarded in May 2010.
You can find the paperwork here.

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