Saturday, May 15, 2010

Maglev vs. Airplane (JWA to LAS)


We thought this would be a great time to share travel times one would argue maglev vs. airplane.  All times listed below are based from Disneyland (Anaheim, Ca) to Las Vegas Airport (LAS).

We found (2) very interesting articles both from 2008.  One is from Conde Nast Magazine and the other is from a CNIMP (California - Nevada Interstate Maglev Project) presentation.

(you will need to google the following reports)...

  • Anaheim (Artic) to Las Vegas (LAS) 87.5 minutes (260 miles)
  • Anaheim (Artic) to Ontario (ONT) 14.5 minutes (32 miles)
    • The LAS to Primm segment has been proposed to be built first..."the first 40 miles"
  • Las Vegas (LAS) to Primm, Nv. (State line to California) 12.0 (37 miles) 
These times for the airport segments does not include increased airport screening times.  The Maglev will have security checkpoints just like at the airports but, because the movement will only be approximately 320 passengers per train segment (and will be less boarding at Anaheim so the train can pick-up passengers at Ontario, Victorville, Barstow, Primm, and the proposed new International airport at Ivanpah Valley (between Primm and Jean Nevada) the wait time will be greatly reduced.

Its very interesting to compare that the actual travel times are almost the same.  Which is ideal for moving people back and forth for day trips to both states.

*Please keep in mind that station elements and travel times based on final location(s) of the Las Vegas segment have yet to be announced by the Maglev team.  However, station renderings of downtown, south, and Primm have been released on Facebook.

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