Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Anaheim Connext site updated


We tripped across the updated Anaheim Connext site.  There is more information and lots of roll-overs providing information ranging from Hotels, to meeting locations, to eateries.  However, there is still no mention of the connecting CA/NV Maglev project yet.  The CA HSR, Amtrack, Metrolink, and the new ARC (Anaheim Rapid Connection) are listed.  The ARC will transfer passengers from the ARTIC station via proposed (dedicated bus lanes or driverless peoplemover, or monorail).  Previous posts will show the video of the station and the transferring modes.


An additional noted change is the one of logos identifying the different stations.  The Resort station.  Previous logo had the "Resort" station with a design that looked like a castle (representing Disneyland).  Now the "Resort" station is a palm tree.