Tuesday, June 22, 2010

OCTA commits 20% Match for CA/NV Maglev FRA Application


We received an update today from the CNIMP team announcing the following for the upcoming FRA funds release for HSR projects.

"Last month NDOT, in a joint effort with the California-Nevada Interstate Maglev Project (CNIMP), submitted an application for the FRA HSIPR FY 2010 Planning Funds. Showing very strong support to NDOT for this application, California has committed to a 20% match for this project, as shown in the attached letter of support.
“This is an extremely important project for both our states and will help ensure long-term economic growth as well as providing an environmentally friendly alternative to the heavily congested vehicle and air traffic that now dominates this corridor." - Peter Buffa, Director of OCTA."

The press announcement....
Part 2

This is exciting news as the CNIMP team awaits to hear back from the FRA for the announced funds from April.  As a side note Curt Pringle is also the current Mayor of Anaheim and Chair for CA HSR.

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