Saturday, June 26, 2010

FOUND! ARTIC phases 1,2,3 build out drafts


While looking through the OCTA website we came across the M2 measure and the details of the funding what its being spent on.  Well within the Transit tab we found a few tabs that discuss the ARTIC station and development.

As you click on the Resource Library tab there are (6) downloads discussing the ARTIC project.  One area that was interesting was the download for the PB/HOK statement qualification download.  If you go to page 94 of 258 there are artist renderings of the phases of buildout.  Here is a screen capture of the finished phase (phase 3) the other 2 phases are there but, they are smaller and you cant see much.

As you can see the areas shaded in blue (stations) will be for both the ARTIC (CA HSR/ARC Anaheim Regional Connection/CANV Maglev) to the left will be the Amtrack and Metrolink stations.  Whats great is the pedestrian flow from both Honda Center and Anaheim Stadium to the stations.  Very minimal walking and multiple connections following Douglas avenue.

Dont forget just to the left of the Santa Anna River is the proposed CANV Maglev line that will follow the river North to its first stop Ontario Airport.

We have also seen Real Estate reports for the (bell curve area just South of the Katella Ave marking) for a buildout of a the parking lot area for the (2) high rises in the area for a "upscale eatery" area.  These last remaining open areas around the ARTIC area/stadiums once groundbreaking happens will become few and far between.

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